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How much time is needed to prepare for the 1st level?

Option 1.  Seminars.
Seminar  for 1 week;  5-6 hours per day.

Option 2. Classes.
When you visit classes  3 times a week for 2 hours each lesson. 
Usually  it takes 3-4 months.

Option 3. Online  education.
It is depend from the student. How quickly he  performs homework and sends it to the teacher, so just quickly  get  the new lesson.
25 lessons and the level is passed.
More info about Online  education here:
  (Assuming that you have  average coordination of movements).

More info you can ask with e-mail:

Is there a program of growth and improve from beginner level to the level of instructor and more to the professional level of Systema selfdefence Alexander Maksimtsov?

In the process of training and learning systems Russian martial art is very important principle of continuous development and the achievement of specific knowledge, understanding and skills. Therefore, we invite all those  who interested  to achive and  to test  his level of Russian Martial Art   in practice. For this you can   pass tests  for any level from 1 to 6.
More info look here: