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The program of 2nd level ( Upper-Elementary). Basic knowledge and skills.

The theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to acquire the rank of Specialist of 2nd level of education of SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov ( base levels).


  1. Basic First Aid
  2. Base principles take off balance
  3. Danger and risk in human activity.


The control of own body:

  1. Base movement "figure  eight". Two directions of movement   "figure  eight" concerning vertical and horizontal axis with arms  and leg simultaneously. 
  2. Trinity strikes with  arms.

Special acrobatics:

1. Side rolls on the shoulders:
to strikes low with your legs;
to strikes high with your legs.
2.The movement "monkey step".
3.  All  acrobatic elements combine  tying together   from 1st and  2nd  levels in any sequence. 11 elements.

 The control  of   opponent.

  1. Throwing off balance.
  2. Release from a hold with to hands on one arm.
  3. Release from a hold on the hair and ears.
  4. Defense from strikes of hand, of knife, of stick; top-down.
  5. Defense from trinity strikes with the arms.
  6. Overturn of the opponent from an assured position or on a back, in a position on a stomach - 2 variants.
  7. Retention in a position on a stomach and with ensuing convoy.
  8. Removal of weapons, knives, sticks, pistols at threat behind.

All the work of the second level is performed at a speed of not more than 20% of the real combat speed.

Special exercises for development of explosive force, dexterity, endurance.

  1. Side falls alternately (side to side) - 20 times per one minute.
  2. Forward roll with U-turn - 20 times per one minute.
  3. Forward falls alternately with U-turn - 15 times per one minute.
  4. "Crocodile" - 10 meters.
  5. "Frog" - 10 meters.
  6. "Kazachok" - 10 meters.