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The program of 4th level ( Intermediate). Professional knowledge and skills.

The theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to acquire the rank of Specialist of 4th  level of education of SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov professional level)


1. Psychology of survival in extreme situations.
2. Systema RMA  the  way of personal development.
3. General organizational - methodical features of teaching  of Systema Maksimtsov. Principles of learning.
4. Principles of work against several opponents.
Practical work:
          The operating with own body:
1. Basic movement with hands "loop". Two directions and changing direction without stop.
2. Base movement "figure eight" with leg behind. Two directions and changing direction without stop.
3. Combine all elements from the 3rd and all elements of the 4th level in one continuous movement (arms and legs 

The operating  with objects:

1. Stick - not less than 10 elements for each hand join in one movement.
2. Tennis balls (two) - juggle by two balls; not less than 10 times for each hand.

Special acrobatics:

1. To turn handspring alternately on every side - not less than 5 times on every side.
2. Long underswing with running and upstart.
3. Moving with a pistol in three levels - not less than 10 elements

The operating with opponents :


1. Releases from a hold of a "Full Nelson".
2. Four sectors of defense against of a strikes of a knife.
3. Defense with a stick  against any strikes of a knife or stick.
4. Defense against any possible strikes of a chair or stool.


1. Conditional sparring with two opponents attacking with sticks to a head; to show skills of tactically orderly moving  with a continuation, with the logic end.

Special exercises for development of explosive force, dexterity, endurance:.

1. "Kazachok" with U-turn alternately – not less than 20 times.
2. Forward falls alternately with U-turn - 30 times per one minute.
3. Forward roll with U-turn - 35 times per one minute.

Applied exercises:

Transportation of injured person – 3 variations:

1. On the arms;
2. On the back;
3. On the shoulders.