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hi I'm from Ukraine
in the "Systema" 7 months
and it is true SYSTEM is addictive, once started, impossible to give up.)))
it looks like a regular game, always interesting and fun ..
to my surprise, a friendly atmosphere.
where you really feel at home.
Every workout gives me a lot of positivity and inspiration, and of course relaxing. And I think I was very lucky with trainer Alexander Maksimtsov, he explained to me all the principles and now
I feel great growth.

Ok, why I write this, I want to ask a question for our friends from abroad.
Or is it this atmosphere in " Systema" everywhere in the world?
Or is it depends specifically from people?
It is a "systema" so affects the people?
Or perhaps these people already come to such “good”...??

I thank everybody who can answer me, I will travel a lot so
this is very important for me to understand it)))

P.S see you soon in the future)))

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