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Do you need to carry a knife with you always for self-defense?

All that I will write is not the last truth (authenticity).

This is only the practical experience of participating in various street battles (in youth). I was born and lived in Kazakhstan In a very criminal area. And then service in the Army of the Former Soviet Union and work in Police for 25 years.

Therefore only practical experience.

      As for the knife. If you have a knife in order to do some work, then it is normal.
    But If you have a knife for injury or killing of your opponents ( when you will defense yourself) , then sometimes it's not efficiently. Especially if you're not a criminal person. You are not criminal person? Is not it? 

Probably more effective with  Laws of Survival  of Maksimtsov's Systema (to Foresee any dangerous situation for health and life) would be the use of simpler methods.
For example:
1. To have more simple (wide and loose) clothes that do not constrain movements.
To have shoes which will allow you to run and move freely.
2. Put a handful of sand, powdered pepper or other loose material in your pocket, so that if necessary, you will throw it in the eyes of your opponent and will leave from this place. 
That is without causing much harm to health and life to people who attacked you.
3. Have in hand a bottle of water (beer, vodka, whiskey, etc.). which can always be splashed in the face (eyes) and in the future to use a bottle for self-defense.

Any investigator, policeman, court will not be able to treat these items as a deliberate weapon of attack and causing bodily harm or murder. 
After all, we are talking about FORSEE. And we must clearly imagine the consequences of what will happen if we injure or kill our opponent with a knife. 
This is the real using of the 1st law of survival "to foresee."
To look not only one step forward, but as far as possible.

Therefore, based on experience work in Police, Maximitsov's Systema offers the most effective way out of a very difficult situation of street or other collision (conflict).
This exit is just the opposite, in contradiction to the age-old traditions of the martial arts of the east. Namely: From the enemy make your friend.
It's much harder than crippling or killing your enemy. It is much more difficult to extinguish the conflict itself psychologically (emotionally) at the initial stage.
 And if it's impossible to extinguish the conflict, make sure that your enemy can not do you any harm. That is, to immobilize him in any way, bind him, and ideally leave it unharmed.
It can sound fantastic. But it's real.

This is  what  should do a highly professional policeman, security guard, bodyguard and, as far as possible, an ordinary citizen.
  If, of course, this citizen does not want negative consequences with both state institutes (investigator, court, prison), and with friends and relatives of the person you crippled or killed.

Surely you have a question: "What should I do if I do not have sufficient knowledge and experience "from the enemy make your friend?"
For this there are two more laws of survival.
If you want to learn more about this and already be able to apply them in everyday life, then welcome here:

You can invest a small amount (45 euros) only in this topic. This topic consists of 3 lessons. You will gain sufficient knowledge, understanding of this issue and practical application ( with feedback) of these 3 laws of survival in everyday life.
You will take as much time for training as you need to fully master these laws of survival. 
                                                                          Alexander Maksimtsov