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Be informed!

Don't waste your time.

I have a friend.  He is  as a handyman type.! He is trying to do everything with his own hands.

He repairs the car himself, washes it himself, in the house - also everything himself. Repair - myself. He  boughts a washing machine, connected it himself. Dishwasher ... In short, everything in general himself.

In general - well done! Yes?

So say the majority and will  not be quite right!
Many people constantly find themself in such situations:

The question arose, how to restore vision or spine, how to effectively present yourself and your business, how to finally learn how to manage your life?
There is a course! BUT...
- It cost ... 800 euros - expensive, I'll figure it out myself!
After a year, having become entranced, he  bought.
But the year does not return!

It's time to sort out relationships with loved ones in the family, with children.
There is a course! BUT...
- Not! I'll figure it out right now. I'm not a fool.
After a year you go, exhale, buy a course.
But the year has passed again!

It would be necessary to deal with finances. Probably need to get another job.
There is a course. But...
A year passes. Fatigue, exhaustion, questions are all there ...

And these are all losses, losses, losses ... Money? To hell with them! TIME! The most valuable and irreplaceable resource.
You can imagine a Hollywood actor who needs to get in shape, master some dialect, find a new accent or otherwise prepare himself for the film, and who would say:
- No, I will not use anyone's services! I'll figure it out myself - all the info is on the Internet.

No! They all use the services of a coach.

I know that someone will now say:
- Well, yeah, they earn money, so they can afford it! ..

No, friends, you confuse the cause with the effect! They earn a lot of money because they value their time! And not vice versa.
The do-it-yourself philosophy is disrespectful to your time.

This is an exchange of time for money. You did it yourself, and as if you saved a little. But in fact - lost.

And the saddest and most insidious thing in this situation is that it is very difficult to calculate the price. Almost impossible.

But the price is high!

You begin to understand this when you look back 10 years. Then it becomes clear how much time is "killed" in independent attempts to figure out something, instead of asking for help from those who already have the experience that you need so much.

Money can be accumulated, time cannot be accumulated.

Time is running out. And if we spend it on fixing the toilet, instead of hiring an experienced plumber, we pay the price with time.

And so I look at those who train themselves. Looks at the next master on YouTube and tries to copy it.

And I do not say that it is bad.

I just say - do not be fooled.

If this is your hobby, if you are interested in going all the way and making all the mistakes, if you are interested in the process itself, time does not bother you, and you are ready to devote the next 10 years of life to it - great! Go on.

And I say this without sarcasm!

But if you care about the result, not the process. As you make fewer mistakes along the way and move more efficiently towards your goal, don’t think about what you are saving. Do not be fooled! You are losing!
This is a truth that not everyone loves, I myself do not love her. But you need to remember about it, otherwise it will fly away year after year under the slogan "I can handle them".