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How to be and remain always bright, cheerful and energetic?

10 laws of energy.

And it does not matter whether you know about them or not. These are the laws of nature, which means they act to you in any case. Just like gravity acts on an apple falling down.

1st Law of energy:
 Knowledge has the power of influence
This means that all information is capable of both:
1. Rraising your mood that is increasing your energy;
2. And spoiling it; that is reducing your strength.
Filter all information that comes to you. Take away or reduce the channels as it posible through which negative information comes to you. Increase the positive channels.

2nd law of energy:  
 Life is the movement of energy.
Thus to ensure that your energy is at the proper level, you must not allow stagnation in your body, both physical and mental. Move more, study new, constantly develop, set goals and achieve them.

3rd law of energy: 
 Energy comes to a person from outside.
Energy comes to man from the outer space through various channels - food, air, water, senses or perceptions. If some channel is poorly functioning for one reason or another, then the energy goes badly. 
Or does not flow at all. So the energy of a person is reduced, leading to a bad mood  and as a consequence, to a low quality of life.

4th law of energy: 
To get energy - a person must be in a state of balance.
For a free flow of energy a person must be in a state of balance  of the body, mind, behavior and external environment.

5th law of energy:
 The level of energy is increased by the relationship between external events and your internal state.
          To increase the level of your energy try all time to monitor the relationship between external events and your state. All people are different, which means that one person under the influence of this event can feel comfortable. 
But  the other it will cause discomfort, and hence, the outflow of energy.
It is easy to understand by the example of heat. There are people who can easily sit in the sauna for at least half an hour and  while adding steam. 
And there are those who become can't sit in sauna  in just 5 minutes.
Keep track of the reactions of your own organism and  the most important,  try step by step to remove those events that negatively affect your well-being and comfort.
The state of awareness will become the norm for you, and accordingly you will begin to manage your own  level of energy.

6th law of energy:
 Energy depends from your thoughts and focus.
Where is your focus, your thought and attention, very seriously affects your energy. If most of your time you are  worring, fear something, then the level of your energy will be extremely low.
     And, the more attention is there, the more energy you lose. The whole paradox is that negative thoughts discharge you, and the positive ones are charged on the contrary. So, for example, to increase the level of vitality, you should concentrate to the source of energy, and not to the problem.  We must not remove fatigue, but we should look for the sources of energy exactly for us and increase our energy. And after that  the fatigue will pass.
Pay attention to what you want to get and how to achieve it.
Leave empty feelings to others.

7th law of enegy:
 Energy depends from the quality of food
The higher the quality of your digestion, the less energy you spend on this process, less is formed by toxins and waste products, and more useful substances you get. Some products are digested easily, others require high energy costs, which means that their absorption leads to fatigue and low activity.
Observe for the quality of food and digestion. Keep track of your condition after eating. If you are sleepy or you feel a breakdown, then you need to change something in your diet.

8th law of enegy:
 Natural rhythms and the environment directly affect to  your energy
There are special natural rhythms. The activities in accordance with them increase energy and efficiency. With a violation - overall efficiency decreases and fatigue increases. The environment - people, nature, cities  directly affect to the state of the energy of the body.
Remember this and choose people to communicate with those who are ready to share positive energy with you.
      And avoid contact with vampires (with people after communicating with whom comes the downgrade of force and energy).
       Look for a place to stay, where you feel cheerful and invigorated.
Try to do those things and deeds from the fulfillment of which there comes a pleasant feeling of satisfaction and calm joy.

9th law of enegy:
Five senses of our energy channels.
The five senses, such as: eyesight, hearing, taste, smell and touch are energy channels through which energy can both come and go away.
And this is your choice.
To receive energy with the help of these feelings or to lose.
The simplest example.
You listen to certain music and feel that your mood and vitality has increased. This is your melody or song.
Periodically, when you feel that you are not in tonus, listen to this melody.
When you are able to load all your senses at the same time with sensations that give you energy - you will able to receive the energy of the highest test.
Someone calls it happiness, someone is nirvana, somebody is a divine grace.
And vice versa.
When all five senses of a person are affected by a negative influence, it is at this time a person has deep depression and sometimes - even suicidal intentions.
When you understand these things and use them in everyday life, you are able to manage (full control) your own state and help other people to quickly get out of any negative.

10th law of energy:
 When you develop yourself, you increase your energy
Your life belongs only to you.
Your personal development should be a priority. You should not serve other people, and even more so, external objects.
At a certain stage of life you can help your children, parents and other close people, but only if they really can not live without your help.
If you feel that you are losing energy and force when you serve these people, you need to change your attitude to this serve.
For example; give for rent yourself  for this time.
But one condition is always necessary. You should clearly see the end date of your service to other person. If you do not see this date, it will lead you to depression, exhaustion and illness.

To be continued.
Questions are welcome.
Alexander Maksimtsov.