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How can we use the principles of Systema Maksimtsov in our daily life without being in fighting / extreme situation?

 Maksimtsov's Systema is based on clear principles. What does it mean?
I will allow myself to explain this. From the science of Biomechanics it is known that the human body has 244 degrees of freedoms.
The degree of freedom is the number of independent angular and linear displacements of the body.
 As applied to the human body, the term "degree of freedom" characterizes the mobility of individual kinematic pairs, chains and the whole body as a whole.
  Since in the joints are possible mainly rotational movements, the degrees of freedom in them are used independent angular movements, the number of which depends on the shape and structure of the joints.
For example, in the elbow joint there are two degrees of freedom (flexion-extension and pronation-supination), and in the hip joint three degrees of freedom (flexion-extension, withdrawal-reduction and pronation-supination).
Based on such these number of degrees of freedom, a person must learn to do precise and effective movements. Therefore, one of the global  goal  to manage (full control) your own body  is to remove all unnecessary. In the same way as a sculptor hacks  a certain figure from a stone  removing all the superfluous.
And now we need to imagine that your opponent's body also has 244 degrees of freedom. This means that he can also create an infinite number of all kinds of poses and movements. In mathematics this is called "law of power" or to raise to a power.
It will be:  two hundred and forty-four to the two hundred and forty-four power.
And you can imagine that you need to control your opponent in the mountains, knee-deep in water or completely submerged in water, in moving transport, etc.
 In addition, your opponent can use for attack all kinds of objects and weapons, which also have additional degrees of freedom.
And If you try to learn all the techniques for each particular position, for each weapon and every situation, then you will not have enough a few lives, and even that will not be enough.
But each of us wants to have a 100% guarantee of solving any problem, especially when your physical abilities and life  is at stake, and also   health and life and of your loved ones.
Many generations have sought these principles through trial and error, and sometimes at the cost of their own lives. Those principles that were not effective died with their masters who preached these principles. The most effective principles were transmitted from a wise and long-lived Masters to their a few students.
This is where these principles originated. At the initial basic level we study the following:
1. Principles of survival.
2. Principles of motion.
3. Principles of special acrobatics or moving the body on a solid surface.
Then, already at the second level, we study:
1. Principles of taking off of balance of the opponent (physical and psychological).
2. Principles of the  first aid to yourself and your loved ones.
And so on. Not everything, but more  you can see in the program here:
Thus  when you study only 21 principles of Maksimtsov's system and this is a program of basic 3 levels, then you can remain unharmed in a fighting  with any unarmed opponent. And no matter what height, weight, level of training he has.
After passing 4, 5, and 6 level you can remain unharmed, even if you are attacked by several aggressive people and they are armed.
But there is one large  "BUT" .
Provided that you are constantly practicing the benefit of Maximitsov's System in your  everyday work (employee of the secret service, in  police, army, bodyguard, security guard, etc.)
If you do not use these principles of Maksimtsov's Systema in your daily activities, then there is only one way to keep your combat capabilities (physical and psychological). This is the use of learned principles in everyday life. Naturally, this is not a fight. After all, you do not detain (arrest) criminals or terrorists every day.
For example, the first principle of motion.
 Muscles that do not participate in this or that movements or posture should be completely relaxed.
Clearly understanding this principle, you can footprint your daily activities, such as walking, sitting down - getting up, walk up and down the stairs, lifting of  objects, etc.
And also all your poses sitting, standing, lying and etc. Only in this case you can use these principle in real combat.
In this way you simultaneously increase the automatic ability of your brain and body to control the moment of relaxation and tension of your muscles even in an extreme situation..
As you understand if you can qualitatively relax your muscles, then you simultaneously get rid of physical and psychological stress. And this is health and accordingly a high quality of life.
When your body and psyche are completely with your control, you are able to control your life.
It is the main goal (consciously or not) of each person.
More information is available in part here; SYSTEMA-RMA.COM
Complete knowledge, understanding of these processes and real combat skills you can get by arriving to Canaries island  Tenerife directly with Alexander Maksimtsov.