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How to start to speak quickly and effectively in Russian, English, Spanish with the help of Sytema Maksimtsov?

Until the age of 41, I did not know any foreign language at all.
And it was, in spite of the fact that:
I studied English at school for 7 years.
Then 4 years in the technical school.
For 2 years in the army.
For 2 years in a special police school and  for 3  years in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Then for 2  years at the National University of Physical Culture and Sports.

Total  I studied English for 20 years.
As a result, at a meeting with an English-speaking interlocutor, I could say only a couple of phrases: "My name is Alexander" and "I live in Kiev". All my knowledge of English immediately flew out from my head and I could only smile silly and tried to say goodbye to this person.
And when I was already more than 40 years old, I said goodbye forever  to the desire to communicate fluently with English speakers and  to read the necessary literature in English. I just decided that I have absolutely no ability for foreign languages.
And probably, so it would be.
But there came a time when Systema  Maksimtsov  became quite popular in Western Europe and the United States.
English-speaking adepts Systema  Maksimtsov  began to call, wrote e-mails and came to me for seminars and for individual trainings.
     At first I used the services of an interpreter. The Internet and all kinds of technical translators at that time were still very poorly developed. It was the beginning of the 90s   immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    All the time being in the company of translators was not very comfortable and I always felt an inferiority complex. They (translators ) understand and speak in English  fluently but I can not.
    At that time  I already had quite a lot of experience teaching Maksimtsov's System in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for cadets. Also every  evening I trained civilians for self-defense.
    Frequently came across students who did not have coordination at all. And that such students could learn self-defense, first of all they should be able to control their body. That is, to improve their coordination of movements.

To this goal I developed a special training system where any person, even disabled people with disabilities,  step by step to get good coordination of movements and improve their abilities.
      And then a thought came to me. If I can teach other people, why I can not  teach myself the ability to speak English?
Yes, at first glance, these are completely different knowledge and skills.
Foreign languages, health restoration and self-defense.
  But I decided to unite them.
For example, when a person tried to do special motions with left hand, he had to do it in a clear sequence and therefore, to be maximally conscious at this moment. Then I suggested to these students to comment on their movements, so as not to lose control of his body.

And I applied the same method for teaching English to myself. Every day I did  certain natural movements and I commented  them in English.
In a week I could fluently comment  my simple movements in English. After about a month, I could comment  all my movements and begin to complicate the comments.
The main condition for achieving the good result was daily special movements for 10-15 min. which are used for self-defense and the corresponding comment in a foreign language.
In the future, I have more deeply studied this phenomenon. It turns out that the more sensory organs a person uses, the better he remembers. And a particularly important factor is that when the two hemispheres of our brain are involved in studying something at once, the process of memorizing significantly accelerated.
Now almost everyone knows about this, who is interested in learning of foreign languages.
But at that time, in the early 90's, it was in a certain sense a huge discovery.
And besides, I added another very important point.
And it's not just any movement.
Energy Stimulating movements that restore neural pathways between the brain and the rest of the body to communicate with people and objects in our environment.
Despite the fact that these movements were natural for the human body, for a modern person who moves like a robot (look at bodybuilders), these movements have become complex. This increases the moment of presence in what you are doing now (the moment of awareness). In this case, foreign words are remembered and with the help of ordinary memory, and with the help of muscle memory.

This technique allowed me to stop being afraid to speak a foreign language. Because I was just talking to myself in English. Yes, of course, I often pronounced the words incorrectly, I broke almost all the rules of English grammar.
BUT! I can speak and undertand in English!!!
And I did not speak any stupid phrases that different courses and teachers offered me. I talked about what I'm interested in.
I talked to my body.
This my English lesson  lasted only 10-15 minutes 2 times in day.
During this time I received the following results:
1. I spoke  in English.
2. Simultaneously  I clearly felt my body and thereby improved my coordination of movements.
3. I did not spend time and money for  attending any foreign language courses and fitness centres.
4. I could practice anywhere and anytime.
5. I was the student and simultaneously the  own teacher of myself.
6. I realized that no one will help me. Only I can teach myself by applying this technique.

To date, I have speak fluently in English and have conducted more than 200 seminars  in many cities of England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and other countries.
I conduct my training sessions of  Maksimtsov's Systema in Spanish and in French in Tenerife (Spain) where I permanently reside.
  At the same time, my ability for languages ​​is very limited. I have almost no musical ear.  But his is an important component for studying foreign languages.
My age when I really only began to seriously study English language was already more than 40 years. This is not a child's age, and not a youth, when it is most easy to learn a foreign languages.
And yet, each of you, regardless of your age, if you really want to know some foreign language (English, Spanish, French )  - you will speak this language.
And the proposed method of universal Maksimtsov's system will help you.