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How to teach yourself to react to the most effectively to an extreme situation?

Full question from student:
I have a question, hopefully you can answer. I was reading  interested in the information about heartrate rising very high during real emergencies. I realise it important to control this condition, hopefully we never have to experience but it good to be aware of best action to survive. Some Systems  suggests breathing methods to control. My question asks is it the same for ALL Systema training ways.Thank you for your time. Hope you and yours are well.
Thank you for the interesting and quite important question.
The fact that you ask such questions, the knowledge that your level of awareness is high enough. And you can already look at the real world not through the prism of the philistine (everyman)  with thinking, which is brought up by television and all sorts of advertising.
 Thanks to your age, you already understand that most of the population lives in great illusions. But you have managed to maintain sufficient health and ability to learn and to seek effective ways to improve the quality of your life. Believe me that few people help to maintain these qualities after 40-45 years old.
Indeed, in an extreme situation, a person's psychological preparation is much more important than physical training. For example, when a well-trained and perfectly physically developed Russian boxer (World Champion) with a height of 1m.95 cm, was simply stabbed in a restaurant and was thrown off the 3rd floor onto the stairs. He was simply very frightened of the situation, he could not even imagine. He simply was not ready for such a development of events. He used to fight in a honest fights, according to clear rules, in the presence of judges, doctors, trainers, spectators and so on.
And it so happened that in the restaurant he hooked with a criminal who had spent many years in a Russian prison and always survived due to cunning and a special state of mind.
As for breathing. Imagine that some person attack you with a metal pipe in your head, and at this moment you are trying to remove fear and bring your psychological state into a calm with the help of breathing. Probably, this is practically unattainable.
But using breathing for psychological preparation is of course necessary. Just like the pulsation of your body.
Since pulsation and breathing are the most frequently repeated movements of our body, it should also be used for psychological preparation.
Namely. We can not clearly know how we will react in such situations if we have never really been there. An ordinary person usually falls into a stupor or vice versa starts
in confusion  to fuss (bustle), perform ineffective actions and naturally ends very badly.
And one of the main tasks of psychological preparation, is to teach oneself to enter instantly into the definition of a state. It is called the "reference condition". I call it (state "0").
It is this condition that is key in any psychological preparation. It is this state that can be as relaxed and secure as possible in any extreme situation. And of course, this condition can not be received in 1-2 days. Also it can not be bought for money. This is a daily practice. It is very interesting process  and it allows  to  every person to live in  the most effective way of life.
Exactly it is in this state "0" that people write their best poems, music, achieve new discoveries and inventions.
Every person at least happens in this state twice a day, when he falls asleep and when he wakes up. It is this transition state between sleep and wakefulness that is very close to the state 0". But as a rule, an ordinary person does not pay attention to these important moments of his life. Indeed, without certain practices it is difficult to fix consciousness in these short moments.
But the real practice of Systema (here I am talking about the Maksimtsov System and I can not talk about others) allows to achieve this state in training. Naturally, the student must perform certain actions in the most conscious manner. And with the principle of "lemon" (I hope you remember what is it), sooner or later, each person can reach this state.
So it's   in an extreme situation should be the first reaction -  not stupor or stupid unconscious actions, but the most effective actions.
Thus, when you accustom yourself to respond to any complex situations (for example feeling of pain, very uncomfortable posture, actions that are very difficult for you to perform) by relaxation and falling into a state "0", then you can be the most effective and in  everyday life. After all, feeling of fear and the subsequent tension of the body are  the main enemies in our life.
Thus it is necessary to look for this "state 0" as often as possible in everyday activities. It is this psychic state of our psyche that can really be measured with simple methods, just as it is to measure the length or weight of an object.
And when you clearly understand and make aware of  these processes of your psyche, you can control them.
 Alexander  Maksimtsov