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How to train for extreme situations and not to be injured?

Thanks for your question.
There are 2 serious aspects.
1. It is very important to prepare the body and psyche for an effective (safe) reaction to a strong impact.
Immediately I can disappoint you.
There will be injuries. But injuries are different.
If you get hit in the head, then at real speeds you will get a concussion.
But if you did for a special technique of Systema for preparing your head for blows, starting from the minimum to real blows, then there is practically no injury. Possible dissection of the eyebrow, "blue eye", blood from the nose. But this injury does not lead to serious health problems. After 2-3 days, everything is restored, even if you are more than 50 years old.
I always feel sorry for the young guys, and sometimes people of a more serious age come to the Systema group and after 1-2 months of training they begin to spar and work at fast speeds. These are future disabled people. It is good if the injury is not very serious, and this young man leaves this group on time.

2nd aspect. This is speed. A person cannot come to elementary school and study higher mathematics or programming. He must first learn to read, write, and count to 10.
In each next class, on the basis of the acquired skills to read, write and count, the program becomes more complicated step by step. Similarly, in the Systema. See the program here.

1st level - speed is only 10% of combat speed.
2nd level - 20%.
and so on.
But for some reason, the student comes into the System group and immediately wants to feel like a Master (Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee). But this does not happen never.
In order to besiege such students a little, I show a simplest roll forward on concrete and suggest repeating this to this student. In 99% of cases, such a student either refuses to do this, or does it and receives minor injuries to his body on a hard surface.
After that, a smart student understands that he needs to undergo training according to a special technique in order to do this without injuries.
Start at a speed of 10% of real combat speed.
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