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I just wish I was younger (I am 60) so I could have many more years to learn everything…

I just wish I was younger (I am 60) so I could have many more years to learn everything…

60 years is a good age, provided that a person has retained his health, or at least has the knowledge, understanding and ability to restore it. And he not wasted it (health)  on many bad things (alcohol, drugs, affordable women, overeating and other stupid habits), and also did not ruin his health in heavy physical exertion in sports (as I did in my youth).
 Now I am restoring it as far as possible and, accordingly, after receiving positive results, I suggest that my students restore their health according to the methods of the Systema that I myself used. This is the restoration of vision,  the restoration of the spine (lower back and cervical region), knees, restoration of digestion and removal of excess weight and stomach, etc. I sent you the list earlier.

In general, we need to clearly understand why we need the Systema, and what we want to achieve with the help of it.
Because the Systema is not a goal. Just like money and health are not the goal. The Systema, money and health are the means to a certain goal.
Yes, money and health can be an intermediate goal, because without them it is sometimes impossible to do what you want. For example, I like to go to the mountains. But if there are problems with the knees, then this is impossible. And only after I fully restored my knees after injuries (competitions in  full contact karate and  sambo) I now go to the mountains with my students (when they come to Tenerife) or one  2 times a week for 5-6 hours each time.

Just as the study of a foreign language (for you Russian) is an intermediate goal for achieving higher goals (living a happy life for example). And at the same time, language learning is the best way to preserve and improve memory at any age.

Thus, when a person understands a clear goal, then he takes a certain section of the Systema, which purposefully leads him to a successful result (intended purpose).