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Is it possible to do a universal exercise on the bar on a yoga ball? And, how often should we do this exercises?

"We did some exercises for the spine, and to make the blood go up fast to the head using a bar or handrail. Can this exercises be done with a yoga ball? And, how often should we do this exercises?"
The answer to the first question.
This exercise, of course, can be started on the  yoga ball. But only if you feel that you cannot do it on a pipe. Effectiveness on a yoga ball is reduced tenfold.
As for the art of survival;  THE FULL control the state of consciousness in an extreme situation, for example, after you missed a blow to the head (in the lower jaw), and got a knockdown or even a knockout. Or missed a blow to the stomach with a knee or into the liver with fist.
It is generally not possible to achieve whatever specific pain and  the necessary senses on the yoga ball like on the bar.
 The answer to the second question: “ How often should we do this exercises?"
This exercise needs to be done, like the others exercises of Systema Maksimtsov,   until you will can visualize these sensations  without a bar (without doing this exercise).
I recommend starting to do this once a day. Necessarily on an empty stomach. Or at least 2 hours after eating. You can drink.
 Try to do until the moment you receive the necessary sensations, and then try to remember them.
Systema  Maksimtsov  offers you, figuratively speaking, "learn to ride a bicycle." And after you achieve the results you need, you do not need to do this always.