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The question from correspondence with an online student:

About the training, I would like to ask you something.
Since some weeks, I have new feelings. I feel that to be in good health (body and mind) we have to be in relation with our environment. I feel that forces that act on the universe are the same that act inside our body. But we cut the relation between outside and inside. I'm sure that what I feel is the right way. It's not somthing I think, that's something I feel.
So if you think that's posible, I would like you to help me to develop that.

I am very glad to see from you this letter and this  very interesting question. 
It means that you are to the right way.
When a person does the right things, he starts to think in the right direction. And naturally there is a reverse process. Thinking effectively, we begin to act effectively. These processes are mutually complementary.
 And answering your question, I will allow myself to remind you, the stages of training in  Maksimstsov Systema.
The first stage: to learn to master (conrol) your own body.
The second stage: sumultaneously to learn to master (conrol) of own  body and own thoughts.
The third stage: to learn to master (conrol)  of surrounding objects.
The fourth stage: to learn to master (conrol) environment. Naturally, to master of surrounding objects and the environment can only take place through your body and  your mind.
There is necessarily  one conditions for mastering of the environment are (mutually beneficial cooperation) and the ratio (+ +). I hope you remember what it is.
Therefore, without the first and second stages can not do anything. 
That's why we are taking more time for own body and mind at the 1st level and partly at the 2nd and 3rd levels.
And of course, when you will arrive, we will do  a lot to make you better aware of it, rethink it and apply it in everyday life.
I'm also much more interested in communicating with people with a higher level of awareness and clearly understanding what they want.
Therefore, any of your questions and suggestions are accepted.
I will work with you to learn new heights of skill and improve the quality of  our lives.