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A question from an online student about keeping a diary.

As I wrote to you earlier, it is very important for you first of all to write comments about your inner sensations while performing any movements.
The global task in Systema Colonel Maksimtsov is to connect the brain and body. The more connections, the more efficiently this "device, machine, the highest creation of God, etc"  - we can call a person differently, but everywhere the essence is the same.
Create a universal adaptation from your body and brain for a happy life and pass on your experience to the next generation. Then you have the right (this is in theory, in religious covenants, in esotericism) to be born in a new entity, much more advanced and happy.

Whether it is true or not, in principle, it does not matter. The most important thing is that it gives energy and strength to act in this life as much as possible efficiently  in order to improve yourself and the world around you.

Therefore, write comments. Verbally, a person himself is not able to comment and concentrate your thoughts constantly on what he is doing. But when you write, you do it. And the more detailed you write, the more effective it is.
I'm waiting for your comments. And naturally you will write these comments in your diary.

If you need to subject a young man to severe and painful punishment, but very effective in terms of the development of this person, then take his word that he will keep a diary for a year.