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Question from the student about the principles of Systema Maksimtsov.

Thanks a lot for your question.
You  took part in  7 seminars Systema Maksimtsov. At each seminar I gave a minimum  3 principles of my System.
Consciously or unconsciously but you know, perhaps you understand and sometimes apply the principles of Maximitsov's System.
When you passed  the exams for the 1st level Systema colonel Maksimtsov, you answered for theoretical questions  and showed some practice with these principles:
1. Principles of motion.
2. Principles of special acrobatics.
Yes, indeed it was only initial, but very necessary knowledge and understanding.
Later you learned:
1. Principles of effective gait (walking).
2. Principles of take off   the physical balance of the enemy. We  only  touched quite a bit how  these principles work for take off  the  psychological    balance of the enemy.
3. Principles of work against an armed opponents.
   Yes, indeed, you have not studied how to effectively use these principles to improve the quality of your daily life.
After all, if you look more globally, an ordinary person from Western Europe almost never fought, does not fight now, and will never fight. Of course, if this  person does not serve in special units of the army, police, secret service and does not work as a bodyguard and security guard.
A logical question arises: "For what then for person from Western Europe study martial arts? Why they spend a huge amount of time, energy, force, finance for  something that will never   be  use in them lifes?
It was this question that I began to ask myself, when 14 years ago I started to train people from Western Europe.
When I showed them real things from real life (real street combat fighting), I very often heard that it was against the law. Even when I  simple tied up  of an opponent with the  laces of his boots or with his belt.
In my seminars many participants from Western Europe told me that it's against the law.
By law, they do not have the right to deprive the ability to move any person, even a madman, a person who has a state of drug or alcohol intoxication, or even a robber who is  rob you in this moment.
From their logic it follows that it would be better and more legitimate to cripple or kill them opponents, as for example in  Krav Maga,  than to tie up and then, if necessary to give him to Police.
Yes, of cource,   life in Eastern Europe is  much more difficult. A few years ago, in the early 90s, when the Soviet Union collapsed and there was a dawn of banditry in this territory, even a simple trip to the store could end tragically.
   And the real Systema of self-defense (Maksimtsov's System) gave many adherents of this system to preserve their health and life.
But times change.
Now at the head of each person's desire is not the usual survival, but the improvement of the quality of life, more comfort  and the achievement of their goals.
It's this knowledge, understanding and skill  accomplish this tasks and applicated  in simple and clear principles of the  Systema  colonel Maksimtsov.
 At any moment in life every adept who has passed at least 3 levels of Maksimtsov's system has tremendous opportunities to improve the quality of his life, as well as the quality of life of people close to him.  And at the same time, if necessary they can  use these  knowledge, understanding and skill to protect yourself and loved ones.
Here, especially for you Evelina, I will remind the basic principles of teaching and using the  Systema Maksimtsov.
1. The principle of trinity; in each action we must achieve three main goals. Survival; Health; Dexterity.
1.1. applicable meaning for survival;
1.2. if necessary recovery, preservation and improvement of health;1.3. the development of physical and psychological dexterity. This is the main quality of body and mind necessary for survival.
2. Clear connection of learning with the realities of life.
2.1. Training is not in the artificial conditions of the gym, but in the conditions of the city, forests, mountains, river, sea and so on.
2.2. Real weather. Snow; Rain; Ice; Dampness; The scorching sun, etc.
2.3. Real casual clothes. Everydays shoes.
There is no kimono; sports shorts, briefs, boxing gloves, protective helmet  and so on.
It should be the clothes which you use  in everyday life.
2.4. Use for training only a real weapon;  not a rubber knife, a wooden sword or cardboard nunchuck.
3. Simultaneous use and application logical thinking and creative thinking.
 With this principle of teaching of  the   Systema colonel Maksimtsov distinguishes and cardinally dominated   from all existing other Systems.
This list can be continued.
 But I will leave it for online training.
It is in online learning that you can clearly study, understand and can apply all these principles of Maximitsov's Systema (a total of 50 principles). And this  application  will be effective both for improving the quality of your daily life, and for effective self-defense, and what is still very important  - is the restoration and improvement of health. It's and  the restoration of vision, hearing, mobility in the joints, spine, heart problems, etc.
As an afterword to this answer I want to remind a very important principle: "In  all-out warfare if you did not kill your enemy, then your enemy will  kill you.
 In street fightings  the main goal is not to cripple the opponent or  kill him. The main goal is to make  from your enemy - your  friend.
 And if you do not have enough skill and experience to make friend, then you should immobilize your opponent.
 You should not allow  to him  to injury or kill you and your loved   and at the same time, as little as possible to cripple him.

Change yourself at your own will before  or it will happen with  life  force!