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Sport! Is it useful? Do you need to do sports?


Sport is very bad for health.
Yes, I once again want to state this: sport, and especially any weight lifting, such as weight bars, kettlebells and other weights are very dangerous for health.

And I clearly realize that I click to myself a lot of indignation from the layman, thrill-seeker, amateur of sport and others . 
Thank you for your question. He is really very relevant. Especially for people like you and me.
When I was 20-25 years old, it seemed to me that the age 50-60 years is already a deep old age.
Now I'm 52, I clearly understand that this is the best time of life. The most important thing is that at this age there is a huge life and professional experience, and health has been ( of course, relatively) preserved. 
In youth person have a lot of free time, lots of health and absolutely no life experience. 
As for me when I was 28 years old, and I already had 21 years of experience in many martial arts I trained a lot with all kinds of weights, including kettlebells.
As a result, huge problems with the spine, elbows, knees. Before the occurrence of the fact that I could not be in a vertical position. Only lying position.
And it happened when I was only 28 years. But more about that later.

If you dig a little, not even deep, then on the surface we will see that sport is first and foremost a Big Business. 
Because after the representatives of the first echelon of modern business we all heard about, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.
The next cohort includes artists, musicians and ... of course sportsmen. It's those who create mass culture, cinema and sports. For example, a Russian tennis player charming and scandalous Marina Sharapova over the past year earned 29.7 million a year.
And how much do you earn in a year, an indignant and outraged reader? However, Marina Sharapova takes only 27 place in the list of the most wealthy sportsman. Statistics for 2016
It is interesting that the most in the rating of baseball players, as many as 27 people. But the first two lines were occupied by boxers, and Floyd Mayweather topped the list for the third time in four years. The American managed to earn fabulous $ 300 million.
Floyd Mayweather broke the record of Tiger Woods, who in 2008 was in the lead in the rating with 115 million. The previous achievement was exceeded almost three times!
Probably these people are doing so much more important than what you, your friends and your acquaintances. If they earn a year much more than you.

Dear reader, I apologize for the rather harsh statement, but it is in this form of information that it is better absorbed in our mind.
And when the information has hooked our mind, we begin to think a little differently. The next step is to change our actions. And only then, with these changes, our health begins to recover after sports injuries, after all sorts of falls, illnesses, unless, of course, it's not too late. Unfortunately, and very often it is simply impossible.
And I see one of my tasks in order to do all, dear reader, that it's not too late for you.
But we will continue to dig deeper and let's define: "What is the main goal of any sportsman"? 
Of course! To win the competition. Beginning from district school to the Olympic Games. And this is normal.

Famous Russian proverb: "It's bad soldier if he does not dream of being a General".

But where does health come from? Where did you see a healthy sportsmen with the level of master of sports and above (Russian graduation)? And where did you see the champion of the highest qualification who does not use special drugs that increase the energy resources of the athlete? What is the modern Olympic Games? This is a commercial war between pharmaceutical companies. Just some of the drugs have already been listed in the special directory, but others have not yet.
And that when the champion and his coach make the most of all out of the athlete's body everything that is possible; and after with the help of chemistry, everything impossible with the standards of an ordinary person. And after that he will be healthy?
Yes!!! Well!!
And what a euphoria when I lifted a heavier weight. Or did more of the uplifts.
For one day the mood is just "super". And it does not matter that after this action, at best, the overloaded joints, the "clogged" muscles ache. And in the worst case, what happens, unfortunately, very often, there are injuries and very serious. Where disrupt knee tendons (meniscus) well, just a trifle, which does not allow to move effectively and with pleasure for the rest of your life.
Well, it will be later. And now emotions are bursting with self-esteem. How I'm a law unto myself (cool) I was when I score a opponent’s goal. Or lifted a heavier weight. 
But is this the value of a person, his inner qualities and all his life in general? What is the use of the family of this lucky player who scored a goal, his surroundings, the country and all of humanity? And most to the player? A few minutes of vanity? How cool was I? And after a short time, when you start to get sick, when you give up many simple everyday joys of the usual movement, when even when you have sex you limit yourself to 1-2 positions, because you simply can’t because of the pain - you start to think: "How could I be such idiot?!"
If I could go back a few years and I would never do it, and I did not advise others. After all, it's real, well, it's very hard to feel like an invalid, unable to function when you are only 30-40 years. I'm not talking about an earlier age, when thousands of athletes mutilate themselves without thinking about the consequences. But my dear readers, life does not end either in 30 years and not in 40, or even in 50 years. The author of these lines was only about 50 years, that he is beginning to understand in this life, begins to appreciate everyday joys and more consciously treat both health and life itself.

Sorry for the long introduction to your answer.

Short answer.
1. It is necessary to do such exercises, when the distance between the joints increased, and especially between the vertebrae.
And try to avoid such exercises when compression occurs.
2. Always use the forces of nature. Gravity, the moment of inertia, the force of elasticity.
3. And of course, all this should happen at maximum relaxation.

I hope this was useful for you.
Questions are welcome.

Alexander Maksimtsov