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 In Systema Ryabko, Vasiliev and other instructors there are  next method of breathing: "Very frequent short inhales and exhales. Is this breathing method effective?

 Konstantin Buteyko, a Soviet scientist, physiologist, clinician, philosopher of medicine, doctor of medical sciences, showed that breathing should be based on minimal oxygen consumption. A large amount of oxygen in the blood causes a slight poisoning of the whole organism.
Everybody  can cheack it  in a simple example.
If you take 20 deep inhales and exhales  very quickly, you will immediately feel much worse than before. This is because oxygen in large quantities is a poison for our body. And when you oversaturate your lungs with oxygen, and accordingly the blood, then the person begins to feel "slight intoxication." If you do this often, it does not give anything good to your body.
And just the “ the non-violent limited  breathing”, especially at the time of a pause on the exhale, has a very beneficial effect on our health.
This is due to the acid-base balance in our body. Since a modern person consumes a lot of products that did sour (acidic)  to our bodies (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, etc.), he  needs certain methods of leveling the acid-base balance.
The use of special breathing is very effective (short inhale - long exhale - pause).
Also, in a combat situation, all combat movements must be performed upon exhalation. You cannot make a good blow, effectively take protective actions, perform elements of lower acrobatics (fall,  somersaults, rolls...) when inhaled. All these movements are performed as you exhale.
Such a special breathing rhythm is practiced on the basis of exhalation and pause in the Kadochnikov's  Systema and Systema Colonel Maksimtsov.
The breath, which is practiced by many adherents of the Ryabko System, Vasiliev and others to put it mildly, is not natural for a relaxed person.
Maximum relaxation are the basis of survival, to be effective in battle, and especially to be healthy.
Only a relaxed person can be effective in all areas of life, especially in real combat.
                                                                               Alexander Maksimtsov
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“Our ability to generate energy is directly proportional to our ability to relax.”