What are the most frequently repeated movements in the human body and how is it used in Systema Colonel Maksimtsov?

The answer to this question is one of the online students:

Regarding the question of the most frequently repeated movements in our body in everyday life, I would say sitting, standing and walking. Other mechanics such as flexion, extension and pivoting also come into this. 

The answer for this student: 
Thank you for your answer.
What can you say about such a movement as breathing?  Are you less likely to breathe than sit down and stand up?
As far as walking is concerned, the answer here is perfect and it answers your question about transferring weight from heel to toe and back.
As you know, and it is impossible to dispute that a person does best in life exactly what he does every day.
If a person is not disabled, then he walks at least a few hundred meters every day. That is, he has a stable skill in this movement and does it much more efficiently than any other movement.
Do you agree with this?
Thus, in the Systema Colonel Maksimtsov, a huge part of the movements and techniques are built precisely on this walking algorithm.
Of course, you can teach a person to do various exotic things (for example, sit on the transverse and longitudinal splits). But how much energy, effort and time will it take? And most importantly, why? For what? Where will he need this skill in everyday life? And in a combat situation, it will generally be very dangerous and inefficient.
I hope you already understood the answer to your question? If not, please let me know.

Question for you.
We found out that the most frequently repeated movements in the human body are:
1. Breath.
2. Walking.
What is the 3rd  most frequently repeated movements in the human body?
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