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What is big goal when you achieve for shooting?

Fragment from the feedback of online education about our resources.

Now you wrote the most common misconception of modern people. You're training to shoot and you do not clearly understand why you need it.
But you are wasting (lost) your life resources, especially the time that will never come back. And if a young man does so, it is normal and justified.
The young man has no life experience, and he thinks that his time is not limited and he can lost it anywhere. He is engaged in various nonsense, and very often he destroit his body and mind.
And when life's problems arise, especially with health and safety, a person begins to think about and look for ways to restore health and, if possible, to protect their lives.
You wrote me that you do not have enough time and energy to do your homework, but at that time you lost it for what?

What is big goal when you achive for shooting? Ask yourself: "Why am I doing this?"
If you find a clear answer that shooting will improve your life, your health, your worldview or improve the life of your family, that's fine. You should continue to do it. If not, then why will you do it?
We must clearly understand that our time and energy are limited. And the older you are, the more serious you should think about it.
I'm sorry if I'm touching something with your inner feelings and your "I".
But this is my work.
If I keep stroking and saying that you are the best and that you are doing everything right, I will deceive both you and myself.
This will be another illusion and deception.
I hope that you understand me what I'm talking about.
Remember please 3 Laws of survival. 
You studed it not only for quality assessment of your knowledge, but for use it in every day life.
If something is not clear please ask me.

I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.
Alexander Maksimtsov
In any of us, the genius is asleep. And every day more and more strongly.

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