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What does mean the phrase : "Do every day what you like to do?"

These is very important psychological topic.

Doing what you want does not mean doing something at times.
This means that one of the most important task (mission) in life is to find your own business (predestination) and do it all your life.
 It includes:
1. You like to do it.
2. You can do this always, even when you are sick, tired and have no energy.
3. After you do this, you feel increase of  energy in your body.
4. You can earn with this business (predestination) and you can do it (for exemple to  help to achieve something) for others people for free, if you see that this person really wants to achieve it and he has not possibiletes to pay. Because you really love to do it.
5. You see and  understand that when you do this business, you improve the quality of your life. You become healthier, more cheerful, you acquire useful knowledge, understanding and skills.
6. Subsequently, when you already have certain knowledge, understanding and skills in a certain area (for example Systema Maksimtsov, or restore of your health,  or something else what you can do perfectly) you can share this with your loved ones (family, children, friends, colleagues, etc.). And you do it with pleasure.
The phrase: " Do every day  what you like to do" does not mean that you should do things that contradict the above six points. Look above.
Such as to drink a lot of  alcohol,  use drugs, spend whole days playing computer games, etc.
What will happen to these people? We can see and understand this perfectly.
Once again, I want to emphasize that if shooting matches all 6 parameters (see above), then of course you should continue to attend the shooting range. And not once a week, but at least 3 times a week.
And to achieve any positive results, you must train in a shooting place  seven times a week. And this will tell you any professional of shooting. If he tells you that if you will  shoot once a week and you  will shoot perfectly, he just deceives you.
At the conclusion of this topic, it is very difficult for a person to realize himself to be happy, if he does not live according to his mission (predestination).
Probably it sounds very pompous (grandiloquently), but as they say in one famous Russian proverb: "We can not throw away words from a song".
It remains to add that  Maksimtsov's Systema and Systema generally is not the goal. Systema is  only the means to find this  mission and achive something what you want in life.
 Starting to control your own body, mind, surrounding objects, environment, surrounding people with mandatory positive interaction, we find our predestination and manage our life.
And I understand you well.
It's really hard for you now to concentrate for  doing your homework. And this is normal.
Because Your body wants one.  But useally Your mind wants another.
And you try to connect them. Because it's impossible to really perform a homework perfectly, if you can not connect them.
This is one of the intermediate global tasks, to connect your body and your mind.
But if you can still go through the 1st level you will see how you really will come to a new level of self-awareness and control it.
Indeed, level 1st is the most difficult for every person.
It  is basic and he sets a new level of thinking and a new level of action.
Every next level is much easier. When there is a solid base (foundation), then you can build any structure.
If something is not clear please ask me.
Alexander Maksimtsov

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The way will be mastered by the going.