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What exercise should be done every day?

From correspondence with an online student.
Student Question:

I have a question for you: there are many exercises we can do every day to stay in shape and stay healthy. I know the necessity of being regular and through the fact that in the action of walking, sitting, I can work my body, posture...
But is there some exercise we can do every day you can advise me, maybe something you do too?

Thanks for your question.

Perhaps it will be for you unexpected. But it is the most effective in terms of improving, first of all, you (other student) as an individual, and only secondarily as a universal fighter.

You need to train every day what you do the worst. Pay attention to the entire 1st level,
also to those topics that you have already passed from 2nd level,
and determine what you are doing with difficulty and not very well. Surely you yourself feel it.
This is what you need to work every day until you feel that it has become natural and easy.