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What role does respiration play in the Systema Maksimtsov?

Thank you for your question.
This question is often asked. I already answered it a couple of times earlier in Facebook.
But it is really sufficiently important topic and I'll try to report it again.

After all, if you look more deeply and ask yourself: "Why do I study and practice the Systema?"
There can be many answers.
- Someone calls this the way to become happy.
- Someone - in order to be confident in any life situation and find the most effective way out of this bad (dificalt) situation.
- Someone in order to find the ability to survive in the conditions of the modern city, and during the cataclysms of industrial ( like the Chernobyl nuclear accident)
political cataclysms (terrorism, war), during natural cataclysms (tornado, tsunami, earthquake, flood, etc.).

And someone decides their more needfull questions. For example, creation the family.
During the time that I have been practicing and teaching the Maksimtsov Systema (28 years ) in my lessons 19 couples have met and created good families. And what is very important they all live now. No pair has divorced.

Because these people quite consciously approached the creation of a family.
And those girls who come to study the Maksimtsov System have wisdom. They understand that finding a normal man is very difficult in their usual circle of communication.
And men who are interested, and even more who were learned in the Maksimtsov System are really workable, practicable and wise men. And it is in this circle of communication there is a great chance to find a true, courageous, strong companion of life.
So, back to the breath. 
"How can everybody use his breath more efficiently and most importantly, how can everybody improve the quality of his daily life using his breath?"

One of the main problems of modern humanity is its unconsciousness.
People use alcohol, drugs and other substances to "forget all", for a while and to get away from their problems.
In a certain sense, the same thing happens when a person reads books only for entertainment (not for learning), watches television, listens to music, plays computer games, etc. To not think about their problems.
Russian famous proverb.
"The ostrich, when afraid, hides its head in the sand, but his ass remains outside".
Therefore, in order to be more time in the state of awareness, I suggest to use our capabilities which all time with us. 
At the moment of concentration I propose you always start with a sensation of the pulse in the region of the center of gravity and after 
take attention to the breathing. 
You can realize how the center of gravity moves with the pendulum in the rhythm of breathing.
Naturally, you can focus to any other things. But for this you need to always have them with you.
Your pulse and your breath are always with you while you are alive.

If you remember the principles of motion, the second principle says: "movement without stops".
Nature itself tells us this. Even when we sleep, in our body there is a constant movement (pulse, breathing, etc.)

Thus, you have a unique opportunity to always have a certain assistant with you, which helps you to be here and now.
The fundamental aspect of Maksimtsov's System training is principles. Principles of survival;
Principles of motion;
Principles of special acrobatics (falling, rolling, somersaults);
Principles of taken off the balance of the opponents; 
Principles of shock technology; 
Principles of self-defence; 
principles of working with weapons;
principles of work against weapons;
principles of fighting against group of enemy and other ...

One of the important principles of special acrobatics (falling, rolling, somersaults) is the following principle: "All movements, when the center of gravity of a person moves upwards we must be performed the inhale.

All movements, when our center of gravity moves downwards, it is necessary to exhale. 
Again, nature itself tells us this principle. In order to lift something we need to move against the force of gravity. In this moment we need to strain the muscles and create a certain tension. During the inhale - also occurs the tension of the muscles of the chest, lungs, diaphragm, abdomen, etc.
When we freely lower down, for example the hand, we do not need to strain the muscles of the body and create tension. The same is happen when we exhales. At this moment the muscles of the chest, lungs, diaphragm, abdomen, etc. relax.

Evelina, to improve the quality of your daily life and to maximally effectively practice the Systema (I'm talking about the Maksimtsov System) I offer you a simple daily practice to increase your awareness.
For example. When you sit down or lie down on a chair, armchair or bed, relax and do it with exhalation.
And accordingly, on the contrary, when you stand up - do it with inhalation. Already only this simple practice will give you great opportunities:
1. You will perform any falls, rolls and somersaults on the hard surface as effectively as possible.
2. Use your muscles in daily life with the maximum efficiency, and therefore never feel tired.
3. Be conscious throughout the day. If you remember (foresee, avoid, act).

4. Always be energetic and vigorous, feel the joy of every day lived.

To be continued.