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What should the width of the feet be at the most effective standing position?

Fragment from the correspondence of online education:

Here it is necessary to clearly understand that we are not striving for a rigid position (rigid structure) of our body , and even more so, fixed support (balance).
Our task is always to be on the move. And it is natural that the position of "feet on the width of the shoulders" is better than, the position of "feet together."
But if the legs are wider than the shoulders, it is more difficult for a person to "explode" in order to do the fastest movement possible. For example, leave the line of attack or for attack.
An experienced master or an employee of a special service can, according to the movement of a person, determine an excellent and correspondingly dangerous fighter (opponent).
So sometimes it is necessary "to play the role of a clumsy and person who bad manages his body." In this case, you must create visibility, and vice versa, specifically violate all the principles of motion, but at the same time use them.
For this we use the "internal pendulum".
And also, so as not to attract the attention of other people. After all, if you use an "external pendulum", then you will be different from all people when you are closely watched. Because almost all people are immobile, they "freeze". And as a rule, in unnatural positions. They are not ready to "explode".

If something is not clear please ask me.
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The master is not the one who runs fast, but one who runs out early.