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What is Systema Colonel Maksimtsov?

Systema Colonel Maksimtsov is a clearly structured and most effective way (method) of control one's own life.
   You cannot learn and master these fundamental things in life at a large seminar in a crowd. 
Each person is individual. Each person has only his own specific mindset; his biomechanical body structure; motor and mental habits; past experience in martial arts and other fields of activity and much more, which is peculiar only to him.
    Alexander Maksimtsov  for 17 years conducted more than 20 workshops per year and had extensive experience in teaching different people.
Yes, students can be taught some basic self-defense techniques at a seminar. But to teach a person to completely manage (control) his life is not possible. That is why Alexander Maksimtsov stopped holding seminars and conducts only individual training in the Canary Island  Tenerife (individual teaching) and online teaching.
       Each person, consciously or unconsciously, strives for full control of his life. But not everyone clearly realizes what it means to manage their own lives. Basically, especially young people start practicing martial arts in order to feel confidently. We all watched movies with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Steven Seagle and others, and  naturally we wanted to be like them.

But only with age, after a long service in the army and Police for 25 years, with life experience, I started to understand that cinema, training in different  sports (like boxing,  karate, all tipes of wrestling  and so on )  and real life are exactly the opposite things.
It's absolutely different psychology of battle. It's absolutely different biomechanics of movements. It's absolutely different surroundings and objects (weapons). And accordingly, a completely different approach to training, to the preparation of one's body and psyche is needed.
And  most importantly! 
The goal of real martial art is full Control your own life. And of course, the professional ability to protect yourself and your loved ones in any extreme situation.

A clearly structured Systema Colonel Maximtsov consists from  6 levels from the elementary level to the professional level. See here;