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What is Systema Maksimtsov?

To put it in a nutshell  Maksimtsov's Systema is a clearly structured and most effective way (method) of managing (control) one's own life.
Each person, consciously or unconsciously, strives for this. But not everyone clearly realizes what it means to manage their own lives. Basically, especially young people, including myself, start practicing martial arts in order to feel confident. We all watched movies with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Steven Seagle and others, and  naturally we wanted to be like them.
But only with age, with a long service in the army and the police for 25 years, with life experience, we begin to understand that cinema, training in different combat sports and real life are exactly the opposite things.
Absolutely different psychology of battle. Absolutely different biomechanics of movements. Absolutely different surroundings and objects (weapons). And accordingly, a completely different approach to training, to the preparation of one's body and psyche is needed.
But most importantly! Introduction Activities of martial arts, we should  see a completely different goals.
And the main goal is a clear management of one's own life.
I will allow myself to remind you.
 Managing your own life consists of:
1. Do every day what you really  like to do.
2. Live where you really  want to live.
3. Communicate and live with people you really  like to communicate with.
4. To say what you really think and do accordingly what you think and say.
5. And if possible for you, teach others these things. It is to this (consciously or unconsciously) that everyone aspires.
And it is precisely the achievement of these goals that  Maksimtsov's Systema offers.
Transitional stages are:
1. Control of your own body.
2. Control of surrounding space and objects.
3. Control of opponents.
And when you freely control the above things, you can clearly control your life.
A clearly structured Maximtsov's System consists from  6 levels from the elementary level to the professional level. See here;