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Why is it necessary to move very slowly at the elementary stage of training?

Fragment from correspondence with online student:
Thank you for your video.

I'm glad that you have a mutual understanding with your wife. 
Express my deep respect for your wife, that she agreed to become your partner for training the release from grabs. I hope she will more deeply understand what you are doing.
A mutual understandingis is very important in the life of every family. Say to her hello from me and from my wife.
And be sure to thank her from us.
Unfortunately it's very rare when wives help and understand their husbands. Only wise women are capable of this.

As for your homework. You do it very quickly and abruptly. Hence it appears 3 big problems.

1st problem. 
A quick and clumsy ( awkward ) movements can be done by any person completely unprepared. But slow and maximum effective movement, only a person who can really control his mind and body.
Pay attention. Speed at the 1st level (elementary) of program Maksimtsov's Systema - no more than 10% of combat speed. And then better than slower.

To understand this, try to do the following:
Measure the distance 3 meters and take a stopwatch to control the pinpoint time.
Then start walking with your usual gait these 3 meters, but very slowly. 1 meter for 1 minute.
Particular attention: 
the length of your steps should be exactly the same as in life (with your real gait).
You can see that even although you can walk, it will be difficult for you to complete this task. As well as any other person.

Slowly moving is much difficult than fast. So, when you perform any movements as slowly as possible, you train and increase the level of controllability of your body and mind.
Chinese qigong, Russian folk dances, Russian ballet school and some other methods of enhancing the ability to control the mind and body work in the same way.

2nd problem.

Your partners, especially your wife, will not want to train with you. She will receive only unpleasant (painful) sensations.
Ideal work - when your opponent does what you need, and while enjoying it. At the same time your partner does not want to do this, but he must do it without his desire.
Unfortunately, in almost all martial arts, everyone is trying to do everything quickly.
This is a big error (wrong belief).
Speed you should increases with increasing your skill step by step, from level to level. Already at the 2nd level, the speed is 20% of the combat speed.

3rd problem.

The higher the speed and the rougher your work, the more possibilities of injury to both your partner and yourself.
Do you need it?
And your partner need it?
Come back to the beginning of online education.…/program-1st-level-elementary-basic…
The first lesson: "Three laws of survival".
1. To foresee.
2. To avoid.
3. To act.
So you should foresee the probability of injury to your partner and yourself. And avoid this.

It's possible that in your life you will never really fight, but getting serious injuries to training can be very easy.
Therefore, I will remind you again of this wisdom:
A student said to his master: “Why you teach me fighting, but we talk about peace.
How do you reconcile the two?” The Master replied:
“It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war.”

So I propose you do the same video of your homework, but speed is as slow as you can. Do not forget about the principles of the movement. And special attention here must be established to the motion without stopping (continuing motion).

If something is not clear please ask me.
I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.
Alexander Maksimtsov

Slow speed gives rise to rapid movement.
A super slow speed gives rise to an excessively rapid movement.