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I studied Systema for years and struggled to reach a level of proficiency that I was satisfied with. After committing a great deal of time and money to learning, I was still not confident in my skills. I would watch my instructors work at very high levels and I would wonder, what am I not getting? As someone working in law enforcement, I would try and apply what I learned to real life situations and I could not reliably work to a level of effectiveness that my job required. I continued to research different methods and approaches to learning Systema but there were always barriers to learning. Either the way it was being taught was based heavily on instinctual methodologies and was devoid of any theory or explanation, or the opposite was in effect; too much overly scientific explanation that was too difficult to comprehend.
The Difference with Alexander Maksimtsov Systema
Alexander not only truly understands Systema but he truly understands how to teach you to understand Systema. His approach is multifaceted and all-encompassing, and I found it to be very effective. Systema is all about understanding principles and incorporating those principles into your life.
Alexander has structured the training curriculum in a manner that ensures optimal learning. First he introduces these principles theoretically. Because Alexander truly understands these principles of Systema, he is able to explain it in an easy to understand manner so that you too will understand them. He further reinforces them through theoretical written exercises and homework to ensure that you categorically understand them on very deep physical and psychological levels. As a result, the student then learns to apply these principles in all aspects of their life. In order to further facilitate the learning he then provides you with instructional video lessons that contain practical exercises and practical homework. These exercises and homework are specially designed to allow you to learn and effectively apply the principles in combative situations.
The best part about Alexander’s approach is that he provides you with constant guidance and feedback as you navigate through the curriculum. You are basically learning with one-on-one instruction and are apprenticing with a true Master. Before you know it, you are living and applying all these principles to all aspects of your life and as a result are able to apply them to extreme events and combative situations -allowing you to work effectively at a high level of self-defence. Within completing the first level of his training curriculum, I was able to confidently and effectively apply what I had learned in real life extreme scenarios at my job in law enforcement. More importantly, there were a lot of other positive benefits I experienced in my life as a result of incorporating the principles of Systema I learned through Alexander. Not only was I healthier, and in better physical shape, but I was more productive in life and more efficient in every task I undertook. Also, it improved the quality of my relationships and my interpersonal interactions; it gave me more confidence to take on life’s challenges and it relieved a lot of stress. It made me more intuitive and overall a happier and a more appreciative person.
I look forward to continuing my training and continuing to develop under Alexander’s experience, guidance and most of all, his ability to teach. I highly recommend Alexander Maksimtsov Systema to anyone who wants to improve their health, quality of life, mental psychology and physical abilities. Also, Systema Maksimtsov is definitely a must for anyone in the military or in law enforcement.

Feedback from the  participant of the seminar of  Systema of Alexander Maksimtsov

Feedback David Poirault after seminar with Aleksandr Maksimtsov in the Tenerife


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