Phrases and quotes

  • There are people, which do not make mistakes. It is whom others think for.
  • Be afraid of those who complains about shortage of time, - they steal yours.
  • If you have set a question, on which you do not want to answer, smile and ask, " Why do you want to know it?
  • Do not contact to the one who has nothing to lose. The duel will be unequal.
  • If a man can achieve improvement each time, when something does, a limit to his achievement no.
  • There are no obstacles, except for in which you believe itself. There are no restrictions, except for what you have chosen itself. No impossible for the one who has permitted itself impossible.
  • Never be afraid to do that you are not able. Remember, ark was constructed by the amateur!... The professionals have constructed Titanic.!
  • It is very difficult to force itself to speak, It is more difficult to force itself to be silent, It is even more difficult to force itself to think, But most difficult - It to force itself to feel.
  • Everyone who hurries, thus demonstrates, That business, for which he has undertaken, him not on teeth.
  • Who is so often deceived you? Only yourself.
    (B. Franklin )
  • Be attentive to your ideas - they are beginning of acts.
  • The success — is transition from failure to failure with increasing enthusiasm.
  • We should remember lessons past, enjoy the some moments of present and create thoughts of future...
  • Creativity is the way to the Master. Heavy work is the way to the working horse. Society needs the work (horse). The man needs creativity (craftsmanship).
  • Organizations exist for one reason: To help the people to make that, That everyone can't in the single .
  • If you for day have not found in own activity three little mistakes and one large, you should think that you have lived this day vainly.
  • When you have come in the world, you bitterly cried, and all around you joyfully laughed. Make the life such, that leaving the world, you joyfully laughed, and all around bitterly cried.
  • Break rules. Forgive quickly. Laugh uncontrollably. Kiss slowly. Dance, as if nobody looks. Sing, as if nobody hears. Like, as if nobody caused you a pain.
  • Not be the slave of circumstances, you will create your destiny itself.
  • The purpose is to create in a body ability to move with the minimal efforts and peak efficiency thanking not to increase force of muscles, but to understanding, how the body works