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Phrases and quotes

  • The original success will achieve only by the one who will venture to break a rule and will go his way.
  • Afford to be itself, and another to be another.
  • Refuse intention to receive, replace, its intention to give, and you receive what you wanted.
  • You can not anything do with length of your life, but you can make something with its width and depth.
  • Only constant conscious efforts on the part of the man can win habits and preconception
  • People create problems and obstacles to themselves , and then spend forces for their overcoming.
  • The important item of strategy is the cooperation of the independent, creative people, for which is necessary the stability.
  • It is impossible to decide serious problems, which we have, at the same level of thinking, on which we have created them.
  • A negative reaction to annoying circumstances is a reflex, habit, and it's probably the most harmful habit from all available.
  • Operating a course of the ideas, you make your reality.
  • The information costs expensive but its absence - is most expensive.
  • … Dexterity - is ability to leave from any difficult situation by movement, i.e. ability to cope with any arisen task quickly, rationally, effectivel
  • Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least. Goethe.
  • If you can't avoid a stressful situation it is necessary to develop correct strategy of your behaviour, and from the slave of circumstances to become the owner of a situation - to take advantage and benefit even from a negative situation.
  • The best warrior - the one who can make of an enemy by the friend
  • The way of warrior consists that warrior constantly is in a condition of readiness to all. His war is conducted more often not with the environmental world. It is war occurs at inside him. This struggle is with the internal enemies, which gradually grasp soul or spirit of warrior...
  • Not be the slave of circumstances, you will create your destiny itself.
  • The useful idea acquired and digested is the fertilizer for new useful ideas.
  • An optimists have always come true their dreams. A pessimists - have always come true their nightmares.
  • In intellectual dispute wins the one who first shoots.