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Principles of health. Maksimtsov's Systema.


1. "The first principle of health is manag​ment."
1.1. Management your psychological state (fears, phobias, desires, dependencies and so on).
1.2. Management  your physiological states and process of  (sex, digestion, movements, sleep).
1.3. Management your psycho-physiological state.

2. The second principle of health is "efficiency".
2.1. Minimum effort and energy cost to produce good health.
2.2. Minimum amount of time to get good health.
  A. Compensated diet and effective process of consumption of  food.
  B. Harmonious sex,
  C. Effective movements that are constantly used in everyday life.

3. The third principle of health is "balance".
3.1. The physical balance.
3.1.1. The balance between eating, drinking and cleaning (emptying) of the body.
3.1.2. Sex - recovery.
3.1.3. Physical movement - recovery.
 3.2. The psychological balance.
3.2.1. Between all the important parts of our life - your family,  job, financial well-being, health, home, hobby).
3.2.2. Suffering - happiness. Artificial self getting dosed suffering (pain, fatigue, hunger, thirst, cold, heat for better health. Accurate control of these processes.
3.3.  Daily activities balance  in the field of your  health.
3.3.1. Communicating with health professionals.
3.3.2. Reading the right books
3.3.3. View video on your topic of interest (health).

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