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Online education of survival in the modern world. Self-defense. Health rehabilitation and improvement.

      Sooner or later each person asks himself the very important question: "Where should one invest his precious resources (his time, energy, force, finances) with the greatest benefit?"
And of course the most sensible answer: "In yourself "! 

      While you are alive - you are the main source of everything that you want and can achieve. Everything else can be lost at any time. But your knowledge, understanding of visual environment, your ability and  skills are always with you."

    What will  you receive with  online  lessons  of  Alexander Maksimtsov:

                                             First of all:
1. The ability to manage (control) yourself. What does it mean?
1.1. You need to acquire the  ability to control your physical state (own body)  in daily life in any emergency situation.
1.2. You need to acquire the  ability to control your mental state in daily life in any emergency situation.

2. The ability to control  all surrounding objects. All around you must be your assistants in achieving your goals.
2.1. The ability to fall on any surface (asphalt, rocks, stairs, etc.)
2.2. The ability to do rolls, somersaults on any surface.
2.3. For your self-defense you should have the ability to control with a stick, knife, water bottle, your phone, pen, keys, ie,  and any other subjects, which can be near for you in emergency situation.
2.4. The ability to throw any objects  to the  target (to your enemy).

3.   The ability  to control  your opponent (one or more). 
After the acquisition of the stable  skills of your  mental and  physical control,  of any surrounding objects and surroundings  you  will  not have  problems to control  your opponents.

Professional level:

 All conflicts and problems you can arrange   without physical actions  to your opponents  or with some actions but without injury, mutilation  or killing  your enemies.

 And the highest level of Master  - it is  to transform your enemy into  your friend  or at least your  companion.

Approximately 55-60% of each level of this program - it is  work  without a partner;  it is work with your body, with your mind, with objects and  surroundings.

Additional bonuses:

1. Save your time.
1.1. You can learn when you have free time and desire.
1.2. You do not need to waste your valuable time for the way to the place of training and back.
1.3. You teach yourself to learn yourself with the help of the virtual teacher.
This quality is extremely necessary in the modern world. You become very effective.

2. You have the unique opportunity to have constant contact with your teacher.
2.1. You can ask any questions to your instructor and get a detailed answer by phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and so on.
2.2. You have constant feedback on your answers and  you have the   possibility to correct your mistakes.

3. Save your money.
3.1. The knowledge and skills that you want to buy will always remain with you - in your computer or in your smartphone. You can train anywhere - at home, in nature, in an airplane, etc.
3.2. Your teacher is always with you. You pay once to your teacher and you have the opportunity to learn online with  him  for a long time.
3.3. You do not waste your money for the way to  place of training.
3.4. You do not waste your money for  accommodation, for tickets,  when visiting the seminars or lessons  in other cities and countries.
4.  You develop your  self-control and self-discipline.
4.1. You get used to work with your own body and mind.
4.2. You are completely independent from the others.
5. You can make the very valuable and useful gift to your friends, family or colleagues if you give them online courses selfdefence and health improvement
You and your friends have the unique opportunity to study self-defense system in the comfort of your home, apartment or workplace.
Yes!  You have read it right!
It's System of selfdefense which  you can learn and master it to perfection with the help of your virtual assistant and instructor.
   Moreover when you are studying, mastering and use the principles of System Alexander  Maksimtsov in everyday life  you become very efficient in your job , in your education, in  your relationships with other people and in your family.
    If you look closely at the training program for 6 levels
look here:

Your actions.
You closely read the training program. For example you  start with the elementary level (1st level). See the program 1st level here:

You see three academic theoretical questions.
These are the basic questions of most efficient human movement,  selfdefense system and in general human survival. 
You get a full material for each issue. You study it.
  At the end of each lesson there are control questions that you will  answer and send to my email address.
I give you feedback. It will be done before the complete assimilation of this program of self-defense system and survival by you.
 At the same time I am sending you the video material for your  body control. You will also learn it.
After you will   record the same   video with your body   and download to any  on-line resource, such as the closed  channel  Youtube or any others. If you need help in this matter, I will give clear recommendations on how to do this easily and simply
      After you send me the link.  I will watch your video and once again give you feedback.
 We will bring your movements to perfection. You really start to enjoy your movements and your healthy body.
    Thus you have the unique opportunity to study self-defense system  in the comfort of your house, your  apartment or  your workplace.
    When you know, understand  and use the biomechanical  principles of control your  body -  you have great ability  to control  of  bodies of your opponents.

 For more information about the biomechanics of human movement here:
How much does it cost?
Each level of the  program Systema selfdefence of colonel Alexander Maksimtsov  consists from  25 separate lessons.
You have the opportunity to order any lesson separately;
Also  each level separately;
Also  you can possibilities to invest to 2,3,4,5 or  to the complete Systema education of  6 levels.


Basic level:

1.The Investment to  one topic of basic  level - 30 euros.

2. The Investment to one basic  level   (25 topics): 
 25 lessons multiplied  by 30 euros  = it  will be 750 euros.
Now you can invest to  one basic  level (25 topics)  - only  500 euros.
Now you  have the opportunity to save 250 euros

3. The Investment to  three basic levels (75 topics):
 3 levels of program multiplied 500 euros (cost of each level) = 1500 euros
Now you can invest to  3 basic  level (75 topics)  - only   1200 euros.
Now you have the opportunity to save 300 euros.

Professional   level:

4. The Investment to  one topic of professional  level - 50  euros.

5. The Investment to one professional   level   (25 topics): 
 25 lessons multiplied  by 50 euros  = it  will be 1250 euros.
Now you can invest to  one professional   level (25 topics)  - only  1000 euros.
Now you  have the opportunity to save 250 euros

6. The Investment to  6 levels ( 3  basic levels and 3 professional levels - 150 topics):
6 levels  = 3750 euros
Now you can invest to full program 6 levels  (150 topics) 3  basic and 3 professional levels  - only  3000 euros.
Now you have the unique opportunity to save 750 euros.

Any questions can be directed to me via email or social media as listed below.
Information about  Alexander  Maksimtsov here:



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  President of Federation Russian Martial Art  Alexander  Maksimtsov offers  to you  online education of  self-defence and health improvement.