Who needs online training program Systema Maksimtsov?

1. You feel that despite the increase in your financial well-being, the quality and taste of your life uninterruptedly fall down.
2.  You feel a lack of energy, force  and endurance;
3.  Your reflection in the mirror causes your annoyance, irritation and displeasure.
4. You feel very uncomfortable and not confident  when you were  in an unusual situation.
5. Your environment is skeptical of your desire to start a healthy lifestyle and therefore you have put it off for later.
6. As you grow older, you have more and more diseases. And the same time only   your doctors, medical consultants and  hospitals have good profit from you.
7. With each following year you spend more and more money for nutritional supplements, pills and expensive  procedures to maintain yourself in a so-so physical condition.
8. Every year you change your glasses and lenses to more powerful ones, as your vision continues to deteriorate.
9. Periodically you feel apathy, depression  and the desire to send  everyone and everything  very far away...