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The program of 1st level ( Elementary). Basic level.

The theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to acquire the rank  "expert" of 1st level in  education of SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov.


  1. Three  laws of human survival in extreme conditions.
  2. Three basic principles of movement.
  3. Three basic principles of special acrobatics.

Practical work.

The control of own body:

  1. The basic position of the body in space.
  2. Base movement "Eight"; 4 directions of movements  concerning  vertical and horizontal axis; 2 variants.
  3. The movement with "figure eight"  in space; all possible directions of movements.

The control of environment. 
Special acrobatics:

  1.  Side Falls with 3 efficient methods of getting up.
  2. Forward falls with 3 efficient methods of getting up.
  3. Forward rolls; 2 variants.
  4. Back roll.

The control  of   opponent:

  1. Release from Wrist Grab below;
  2. Release from Wrist Grab above; 
  3. Release from Front Neck Grab
  4. Release from Neck grab behind
  5. What to do when legs grabbed?
  6. How to defend against  straight  punchs; kicks; stabbed;  
    blows with a stick in the groin and  stomach area? 
  7. How to defend against  straight  punchs; kicks; stabbed;   
    blows with a stick in the area of the  throat and head? 
  8.  How to defend against  side  punchs;  stabbed; blows with a stick in the area of the head?                    
  9. How to protect from a knife or gun threat from the front?     You should take away a weapon  from opponent and holding him  in position on the stomach (the  position of full control of opponent).                                      

      When you show the control of the body of opponent you should achieve next result; the holding of the opponent in position on the stomach; (the  position of full control of opponent).    
     The speed of actions ( control of one's own body, the environment, opponents)  at the 1st level is no more than 10% of the real combat speed.

    One of main concepts of Systema Colonel Maksimtsov is the effectiveness of all actions. All actions should use minimum time expenditure, force, energy and to achieve desired result.
Proceeding on, if the participant of exam fulfills all requirements of program without gross errors and maximum effectiveness, then exam ends here.
Otherwise, the participant has plenty opportunity to improve to good basic standard and know he is progressing . He should demonstrate his good physical training and continue to develop and prepare for next program (look down).

Special exercises for development of the  explosive force, dexterity and endurance:

  1. Side falls alternately (left - right side); not less than 15 times per one minute.
  2. Forward rolls; not less than 15 times per one minute.
  3. Forward falls alternately with U-turn; not less than 10 times per one minute.
  4. "Crocodile"  - Move 5 Metres.
  5. "Frog" -  Move 5 Metres.