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Individual online programs Systema colonel Maksimtsov

 Learning with feedback until the planned result.
1.Online weight loss program and getting rid of a big belly. Without diets and any medicine.
2. Recovery of  VERTEBRAL COLUMN. Straight Up your Back. Forget about chronic back pain (disc herniation, radiculopathy, scoliosis. Etc).
3. Recovery of joints (knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, carpal joint).
4. Knife-throwing.
5. Russian dynamic yoga. Articular gymnastic for whole body and mind.
6. Recovery and improvement of eyesight. You no longer need glasses, lenses, etc.
7. "Playing with weapons". The hight  level of control by surrounding objects: from ordinary sticks, umbrellas, canes to any kind of cold steel (saber, shashka, sword, blade, ax, katana, etc.)
8. Russian massage for  joints of  whole body.
9. Russian stick massage; sticks short 10-15 cm.
10. Russian stick massage; sticks long 50–60 cm.
11. Recovery and improvement of hearing.
12. Russian relaxing massage + facial massage; 2 separate programs for one price.
13. Massage with the help of feet for whole body.
14. Massage of the abdomen. Self-massage of the abdomen.
15. Preparation of professional masseur for all types of massage. Available only after passing through all types of massage.
16. The development of physical agility (dexterity)  and relaxation;
17. Kicking a soccer ball with leg;
18. Juggling with  the balls and sharp knives; we start with one ball and bring to 4 objects simultaneously.
19. Recovery and improvement of the vestibular apparatus.
20. Recovery symmetry of Human body.
21. Full course of special acrobatics.
Any falls and rolls on a hard surface.
Any falls and rolls  with weapons on a hard surface.
Online special programs for the preparation  of instructors.

21. How to effectively and quickly give the basic knowledge, understanding and skills of the System for any  person.

22. Online course  "How effectively to present yourself and your business”.
23. Teaching the Russian language according to the technique of Systema Colonel Maksimtsov.

Special courses:
for Police;
for officers undercover units and secret services;
for military;
for bodyguards and guards;
(Available only after passing through 3 Basic levels).
Each program consists of theoretical and practical (video) materials.  In order to get a 100% result,  there are mandatory homework with feedback.
The investment  in  program "Recovery symmetry of Human body" is 1200 euros.
The investment in each other  program is 700 euro.
Investment in 2 programs:  650 * 2 = 1300.
Investments in 3 programs: 600 * 3= 1800
Investment in 4 programs: 550 * 4 = 2200
Investments in 5 programs: 500 * 5 = 2500
 Investments of special courses is determined individually and upon request.