Training program Systema Colonel Maksimtsov

We invite all those interested to check your level in the Russian martial arts and understand clearly their true skills and knowledge of Systema.
The exam takes place in a very friendly and safe environment.
Nevertheless, everyone will see their problems, errors, as well as their strengths. After all, in Systema we are not trying to be stronger than the enemy. We find its weak spots. But for this we need to be clearly aware of our strong ability.
Everybody can check yourself  of his level in Systema  Russian Martial Art   in practice. For this you can   pass tests  for any level from 1 to 6.

In the process of training and learning Systema Russian martial art is very important principle of continuous development and the achievement of specific goals ( knowledge, understanding, skills). 
Because if you are not the officer of special forces,  police or secret service and you do not use  your knowledge and skills of Systema  in every day, it is very difficult to recognize your real level of preparation and skill.

Passing the exam for  the levels -   it is confirmation of your skill, first of all for yourself. Your level of  theoretical knowledge, understanding  and practical skills of Systema  Russian martial art. 
Every candidate who has studied and practiced Systema  does not matter where and who was your teacher   you can test yourself in practice.

After passing the test for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels, you can take exams to instructor first (primary) category
The examination for instructor focuses to the ability to teach, ie, methodologically correctly to present basic material first 3 levels.

After  successful passing of examinations on the Instructor you get the special certificate of the standard form, in two languages ​​(English and Russian). This certificate states that the holder of the document was qualified instructor 1st category Systema Russian Martial Arts.

After passing the test on the 4th, 5th and 6th level, you can take the exams at the International Instructor category (professional level).
After successful passing of examinations for Instructor you get the certificate of the standard form. The certificate will be written in two languages ​​(English and Russian) states that the holder of the document was qualified as an Instructor of the International category Systema Russian Martial Arts with the right to conduct lessons and seminars within their countries.