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How much does online education Systema Maksimtsov cost?

Each level of the  program Systema selfdefence of colonel Alexander Maksimtsov  consists from  25 separate lessons.
You have the opportunity to order any lesson separately;
Also  each level separately;
Also  you can possibilities to invest to the 2nd; 3rd; 4th; 5th or  to the complete Systema education - 6 levels.

Basic levels 1;2;3:
1.The Investment to  one topic of basic  level - 45 euros.

2. The Investment to one basic  level   (25 topics): 
 25 lessons multiplied  by 45 euros  = it  will be 1125 euros.
Now you can invest to  one basic  level (25 topics)  - only  700 euros.
Now you  have the opportunity to save 425 euros

3. The Investment to  three basic levels (75 topics):
 3 levels of program (basic level)  = 1600 euros

Professional   levels 4,5,6:
4. The Investment to  one topic of professional  level - 60  euros.

5. The Investment to one professional   level   (25 topics): 
 25 topics multiplied  by 60 euros  =  1500 euros.
Now you can invest to  one professional   level (25 topics)  - only  1000 euros.

6. The Investment to  ( 3  basic levels and 3 professional levels - 150 topics):

Now you can invest to full program 6 levels  - only  3750 euros.

What will  you receive with  online  education  Systema  Alexander Maksimtsov?

First of all:
1. The ability to be Master of yourself. What does it mean?
1.1. You total  control your physical state (own body)  in daily life and  in any emergency situation.
1.2. You total  control your mental state in daily life and  in any emergency situation.

2. The ability to control  all environment and surrounding objects. All around you should be your assistants in achieving your goals. 
2.1. The ability to fall and roll on any surface (asphalt, rocks, stairs, etc.)
2.2. For your self-defense you are capable and you can use  a  water bottle, your phone, pen, keys, ie,  and any other things, which can be near for you in emergency situation.
2.4. The ability to throw any things, liquid substances and  to hit the target accurately (to your enemy).

3.   The ability  to control  your opponent (one or more). 
After the acquisition of the stable  skills of your  mental and  physical control,  of environment and surrounding things you  will implement  total  control  your opponents.
Professional level:
 All conflicts and problems you can arrange   without physical actions  to your opponents  or with some actions but without injury, mutilation  or killing  your enemies.
The highest level of Master  - it is  to transform your enemy into  your friend  or at least your  companion.
Approximately 55-60% of each level of this program are your  actions  without a partner;  it's work with your own mind and body,  with objects and  surroundings.

Additional bonuses:
1. Effective use of your precious time.
1.1. You can learn when you have free time and desire.
1.2. You do not need to waste your valuable time for the way to the place of training and back.
1.3. You teach yourself to learn yourself with the help of the virtual teacher.
This quality is extremely necessary in the modern world. You become very effective.

2. You have the unique opportunity to have constant contact with your teacher the highest qualification.
2.1. You can ask any questions to your teacher and get a detailed answer by phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and so on.
2.2. You have constant feedback for  your answers and  you have the   possibility to correct your mistakes.

3. Efficient use of your finances.
3.1. The knowledge and skills that you want to buy will always remain with you - in your computer or in your smartphone. You can train anywhere - at home, in nature, in an airplane, etc.
3.2. Your teacher is always with you. You pay once to your teacher and you have the opportunity to learn online with  him  for a long time.
3.3. You do not waste your money for the way to  place of training.
3.4. You do not waste your money for  accommodation, for tickets,  when visiting the seminars or lessons  in other cities and countries.
4.  You develop your  self-control and self-discipline.
4.1. You get used to work with your own body and mind.
4.2. You are completely independent from the others.
5. You can make the very valuable and useful gift to your friends, family or colleagues if you give them online courses Combat System and health improvement
You and your friends have the unique opportunity to study self-defense system in the comfort of your home, apartment or workplace.

Who needs online training program Systema Maksimtsov?

For those  who has everything concerning wealth that an average citizen dreams about.
1. As you grow older, you have more and more diseases and the same time   only your doctors, medical consultants and  hospitals have good profit.
2. With each following year you spend more and more money for nutritional supplements, pills and expensive  procedures to maintain yourself in a so-so physical condition.
3. You feel very uncomfortable and not confident  when you were  in an unusual situation.
4. Every year you change your glasses and lenses to more powerful ones, as your vision continues to deteriorate.
5. Your environment is skeptical of your desire to start a healthy lifestyle and therefore you have put it off for later.
6. You feel that despite the increase in your financial well-being, the quality and taste of your life uninterruptedly fall down.
7. You feel a lack of energy, force  and endurance;
8. Your reflection in the mirror causes your annoyance, irritation and displeasure.
9. Periodically you feel apathy, depression  and the desire to send  everyone and everything  very far away... Or depart  there yourself ...


What makes a good training partner, how should they oppose you, how should they attack,if they are a beginner for example. I have always wondered if my attacks were useful or if was a good training partner?

A question from Barry Mc Niff: What makes a good training partner, how should they oppose you, how should they attack,if they are a beginner for example. I have always wondered if my attacks were useful or if was a good training partner. This was never discussed.

In human nature there are always three main points:
1. Food
2. Reproduction (sex).
3. Dominant. 
Practical every person, even if he does not admit to himself, always tries to dominate the other person in some way.
Even when an artist paints a picture, or a composer composes music, he tries to do it better than others.
And even more so in  Martial arts training , where the main goal is to be stronger, faster, more efficient, etc. than your partner.

Therefore - there are no honest partners.
1. Either the partner tries to prove to himself and everyone that  "he's cooler" than anybody else.
2. Either if he is a sufficiently conscious person and you ask him to work  softer, then he will just give in to you.
3. And the third option, which happens extremely rarely. When a partner has more experience than yours, then he can tell you yours mistakes and problems.
But even in this case, everything depends from his mood. If you accidentally hurt him, or showed him that you won something, then instantly he becomes a "different person".  And he begins to prove to you and to himself that he is better than you.

The best partner is the hard surface. Such as asphalt, concrete, broken brick or stones, stairs and more.

These partners are always honest with you. Any mistake you will immediately feel on your body. You immediately receive very honest feedback.

If you want to achieve something in Martial arts you should to start  to fall,  somersault, roll on any hard surfaces.

If you do not know how do it,  then you will be taught in online regime from the   entry level. You will get at the beginning:

1.  the whole theoretical base of any falls and somersaults;
2.  after  you will work it all very slowly in the lying position;
3. then in the sitting position;
4. and only then start to do it from standing position.
You will receive all the detailed instructions and receive a clear feedback for as long as you do not take these actions to perfection.
Your personal trainer Alexander Maksimtsov  will be always in touch with you.
Investing in this course is only 300 euros.
More info here:

About Alexander Maksimtsov look here:

How effectively train Systema for real self defense?

        To answer this question, it is necessary to remove all illusions from the eyes of  practitioners. And  not only  Systema community, but also for all those who practice any other martial arts.
It's not difficult to do if your mind has remained not blinded  by TV,  Internet and of course ... a sport.
        If you have practiced sport martial arts for many years, it is not easy for you to remove your illusions. And this is expressed in the goals pursued by every practicing martial artist.

       If you are an athlete and participate in boxing competitions, wrestling, taekwondo, karate or any other  sport fights,  it is your main goal is to win these competions.

         It is quite a worthy goal for a 15 year old teenager who needs self-assertion and self-knowledge in this world. But if you are already 30, 40, 50 years old or more, and you continue to train in sports techniques, then you are in deep illusion (delusion) about your skill and goals.
And accordingly, you are in illusions about the methods of your preparation.

Yes, you can probably win this sport sparring in the following conditions:

1. On the tatami or in the boxing ring, on a soft surface;
2. In special clothes and shoes determined by the competition rules;
3. With the supervision of judges and doctors who is ready at any time to stop sparring;
4. According to strict rules; for example, your opponent can not beat you in the groin, spine and joints; he can not affect  (act) to your eyes, ears, hair; he can not bite you, cut you; to throw sand or alcohol in your eyes and much more.
5. Your sparring will  be only against one opponent;
6. Against only one opponent with the same weight and gender;
As you understand, this fight is conditional and cardinally different from a real street fight and a real extreme situation.

And here you can see that conditions of a real combat situation (real battle) that can occur:

1. At night, with a strong wind and in the pouring rain;
2. Knee deep in snow, on ice, in the water (river, sea) or in the mountains, on a steep staircase, in a very cramped room cluttered with furniture or in elevator;
3. In a car, bus, plane or any other kind of transport;
4. At this point you can be dressed in a winter coat, jacket and heavy shoes or vice versa you can  be in only swimming trunks and barefoot;
5. You can be attacked by several people and naturally they can be with a weapon (knife, piece of metal pipe or  gun).  As you understand it will not be a rubber or wooden training knifes which you used useally in your trainings;
6. Your opponent may be mentally ill when he is  the most aggressive person;
 in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. It is these states that are characterized by unpredictability and it's the maximum  dangerous for the defending one.
7. You can be attacked by unexpectedly from behind with a hit a heavy object to your head or  putted your neck in the noose;
8. You can be attacked  at high speed by car, by motorcycle and any others.
9. You can be  seriously wounded,  but no one will stop the fight and will not give you first aid.
10. At the moment of the attack to you, you can be sick, tired, in a state of intoxication or  in a state of affect;
As you can see, all of the above is simply unacceptable to a   sports  martial arts. Therefore, the training methods should be fundamentally different.

 And now, you try to analyze your workouts at your sports club or in your Systema group.

1. Where do you train? In the gym or does it happen on the stairs, on the asphalt, on the snow or in the water?
2. In what clothes and shoes did you train usually? How  close is it to your everyday clothes and shoes?
3. With which objects (weapons) did you train usually?
4. Who is your partner and how ready is he to at least slightly approach to the role of a real attacker? How did he capture you? How did he  strikes you? What does he scream  or what kind of role he plays?
5. And so on. Try to go  through all these points of the conditions of real combat, which are indicated above and you should compare it with your conditions.
You will see very clearly what illusion you are in. How far is your training conditions from real life conditions (real battle for survival).
In this answer I have touched on only a few aspects that relate to the training system for real life.
Only short remark about who is your teacher of Systema or any other martial art?
How much your teacher (instructor, guru, trainer)  has experience of real participation in hostilities, real work in the police, where it is necessary to detain dangerous criminals every day, or at least an ordinary security guard in a nightclubs in a criminal area.
If your teacher, coach, instructor is only an athlete, or in general, he is an office worker, then naturally he will be able to teach you only sports skills or some illusions.
The dog will not be able to teach his puppies to climb trees, but a cat will teach it to do wonderfully.

How can we use the principles of Systema Maksimtsov in our daily life without being in fighting / extreme situation?

 Maksimtsov's Systema is based on clear principles. What does it mean?
I will allow myself to explain this. From the science of Biomechanics it is known that the human body has 244 degrees of freedoms.
The degree of freedom is the number of independent angular and linear displacements of the body.
 As applied to the human body, the term "degree of freedom" characterizes the mobility of individual kinematic pairs, chains and the whole body as a whole.
  Since in the joints are possible mainly rotational movements, the degrees of freedom in them are used independent angular movements, the number of which depends on the shape and structure of the joints.
For example, in the elbow joint there are two degrees of freedom (flexion-extension and pronation-supination), and in the hip joint three degrees of freedom (flexion-extension, withdrawal-reduction and pronation-supination).
Based on such these number of degrees of freedom, a person must learn to do precise and effective movements. Therefore, one of the global  goal  to manage (full control) your own body  is to remove all unnecessary. In the same way as a sculptor hacks  a certain figure from a stone  removing all the superfluous.
And now we need to imagine that your opponent's body also has 244 degrees of freedom. This means that he can also create an infinite number of all kinds of poses and movements. In mathematics this is called "law of power" or to raise to a power.
It will be:  two hundred and forty-four to the two hundred and forty-four power.
And you can imagine that you need to control your opponent in the mountains, knee-deep in water or completely submerged in water, in moving transport, etc.
 In addition, your opponent can use for attack all kinds of objects and weapons, which also have additional degrees of freedom.
And If you try to learn all the techniques for each particular position, for each weapon and every situation, then you will not have enough a few lives, and even that will not be enough.
But each of us wants to have a 100% guarantee of solving any problem, especially when your physical abilities and life  is at stake, and also   health and life and of your loved ones.
Many generations have sought these principles through trial and error, and sometimes at the cost of their own lives. Those principles that were not effective died with their masters who preached these principles. The most effective principles were transmitted from a wise and long-lived Masters to their a few students.
This is where these principles originated. At the initial basic level we study the following:
1. Principles of survival.
2. Principles of motion.
3. Principles of special acrobatics or moving the body on a solid surface.
Then, already at the second level, we study:
1. Principles of taking off of balance of the opponent (physical and psychological).
2. Principles of the  first aid to yourself and your loved ones.
And so on. Not everything, but more  you can see in the program here:
Thus  when you study only 21 principles of Maksimtsov's system and this is a program of basic 3 levels, then you can remain unharmed in a fighting  with any unarmed opponent. And no matter what height, weight, level of training he has.
After passing 4, 5, and 6 level you can remain unharmed, even if you are attacked by several aggressive people and they are armed.
But there is one large  "BUT" .
Provided that you are constantly practicing the benefit of Maximitsov's System in your  everyday work (employee of the secret service, in  police, army, bodyguard, security guard, etc.)
If you do not use these principles of Maksimtsov's Systema in your daily activities, then there is only one way to keep your combat capabilities (physical and psychological). This is the use of learned principles in everyday life. Naturally, this is not a fight. After all, you do not detain (arrest) criminals or terrorists every day.
For example, the first principle of motion.
 Muscles that do not participate in this or that movements or posture should be completely relaxed.
Clearly understanding this principle, you can footprint your daily activities, such as walking, sitting down - getting up, walk up and down the stairs, lifting of  objects, etc.
And also all your poses sitting, standing, lying and etc. Only in this case you can use these principle in real combat.
In this way you simultaneously increase the automatic ability of your brain and body to control the moment of relaxation and tension of your muscles even in an extreme situation..
As you understand if you can qualitatively relax your muscles, then you simultaneously get rid of physical and psychological stress. And this is health and accordingly a high quality of life.
When your body and psyche are completely with your control, you are able to control your life.
It is the main goal (consciously or not) of each person.
More information is available in part here; SYSTEMA-RMA.COM
Complete knowledge, understanding of these processes and real combat skills you can get by arriving to Canaries island  Tenerife directly with Alexander Maksimtsov.

What is Systema Maksimtsov?

To put it in a nutshell  Maksimtsov's Systema is a clearly structured and most effective way (method) of managing (control) one's own life.
Each person, consciously or unconsciously, strives for this. But not everyone clearly realizes what it means to manage their own lives. Basically, especially young people, including myself, start practicing martial arts in order to feel confident. We all watched movies with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Steven Seagle and others, and  naturally we wanted to be like them.
But only with age, with a long service in the army and the police for 25 years, with life experience, we begin to understand that cinema, training in different combat sports and real life are exactly the opposite things.
Absolutely different psychology of battle. Absolutely different biomechanics of movements. Absolutely different surroundings and objects (weapons). And accordingly, a completely different approach to training, to the preparation of one's body and psyche is needed.
But most importantly! Introduction Activities of martial arts, we should  see a completely different goals.
And the main goal is a clear management of one's own life.
I will allow myself to remind you.
 Managing your own life consists of:
1. Do every day what you really  like to do.
2. Live where you really  want to live.
3. Communicate and live with people you really  like to communicate with.
4. To say what you really think and do accordingly what you think and say.
5. And if possible for you, teach others these things. It is to this (consciously or unconsciously) that everyone aspires.
And it is precisely the achievement of these goals that  Maksimtsov's Systema offers.
Transitional stages are:
1. Control of your own body.
2. Control of surrounding space and objects.
3. Control of opponents.
And when you freely control the above things, you can clearly control your life.
A clearly structured Maximtsov's System consists from  6 levels from the elementary level to the professional level. See here;

Do you need to carry a knife with you always for self-defense?
All that I will write is not the last truth (authenticity).

This is only the practical experience of participating in various street battles (in youth). I was born and lived in Kazakhstan In a very criminal area. And then service in the Army of the Former Soviet Union and work in Police for 25 years.

Therefore only practical experience.

      As for the knife. If you have a knife in order to do some work, then it is normal.
    But If you have a knife for injury or killing of your opponents ( when you will defense yourself) , then sometimes it's not efficiently. Especially if you're not a criminal person. You are not criminal person? Is not it? 

Probably more effective with  Laws of Survival  of Maksimtsov's Systema (to Foresee any dangerous situation for health and life) would be the use of simpler methods.
For example:
1. To have more simple (wide and loose) clothes that do not constrain movements.
To have shoes which will allow you to run and move freely.
2. Put a handful of sand, powdered pepper or other loose material in your pocket, so that if necessary, you will throw it in the eyes of your opponent and will leave from this place. 
That is without causing much harm to health and life to people who attacked you.
3. Have in hand a bottle of water (beer, vodka, whiskey, etc.). which can always be splashed in the face (eyes) and in the future to use a bottle for self-defense.

Any investigator, policeman, court will not be able to treat these items as a deliberate weapon of attack and causing bodily harm or murder. 
After all, we are talking about FORSEE. And we must clearly imagine the consequences of what will happen if we injure or kill our opponent with a knife. 
This is the real using of the 1st law of survival "to foresee."
To look not only one step forward, but as far as possible.

Therefore, based on experience work in Police, Maximitsov's Systema offers the most effective way out of a very difficult situation of street or other collision (conflict).
This exit is just the opposite, in contradiction to the age-old traditions of the martial arts of the east. Namely: From the enemy make your friend.
It's much harder than crippling or killing your enemy. It is much more difficult to extinguish the conflict itself psychologically (emotionally) at the initial stage.
 And if it's impossible to extinguish the conflict, make sure that your enemy can not do you any harm. That is, to immobilize him in any way, bind him, and ideally leave it unharmed.
It can sound fantastic. But it's real.

This is  what  should do a highly professional policeman, security guard, bodyguard and, as far as possible, an ordinary citizen.
  If, of course, this citizen does not want negative consequences with both state institutes (investigator, court, prison), and with friends and relatives of the person you crippled or killed.

Surely you have a question: "What should I do if I do not have sufficient knowledge and experience "from the enemy make your friend?"
For this there are two more laws of survival.
If you want to learn more about this and already be able to apply them in everyday life, then welcome here:

You can invest a small amount (45 euros) only in this topic. This topic consists of 3 lessons. You will gain sufficient knowledge, understanding of this issue and practical application ( with feedback) of these 3 laws of survival in everyday life.
You will take as much time for training as you need to fully master these laws of survival. 
                                                                          Alexander Maksimtsov

How to teach yourself to react to the most effectively to an extreme situation?

Full question from student:
I have a question, hopefully you can answer. I was reading  interested in the information about heartrate rising very high during real emergencies. I realise it important to control this condition, hopefully we never have to experience but it good to be aware of best action to survive. Some Systems  suggests breathing methods to control. My question asks is it the same for ALL Systema training ways.Thank you for your time. Hope you and yours are well.
Thank you for the interesting and quite important question.
The fact that you ask such questions, the knowledge that your level of awareness is high enough. And you can already look at the real world not through the prism of the philistine (everyman)  with thinking, which is brought up by television and all sorts of advertising.
 Thanks to your age, you already understand that most of the population lives in great illusions. But you have managed to maintain sufficient health and ability to learn and to seek effective ways to improve the quality of your life. Believe me that few people help to maintain these qualities after 40-45 years old.
Indeed, in an extreme situation, a person's psychological preparation is much more important than physical training. For example, when a well-trained and perfectly physically developed Russian boxer (World Champion) with a height of 1m.95 cm, was simply stabbed in a restaurant and was thrown off the 3rd floor onto the stairs. He was simply very frightened of the situation, he could not even imagine. He simply was not ready for such a development of events. He used to fight in a honest fights, according to clear rules, in the presence of judges, doctors, trainers, spectators and so on.
And it so happened that in the restaurant he hooked with a criminal who had spent many years in a Russian prison and always survived due to cunning and a special state of mind.
As for breathing. Imagine that some person attack you with a metal pipe in your head, and at this moment you are trying to remove fear and bring your psychological state into a calm with the help of breathing. Probably, this is practically unattainable.
But using breathing for psychological preparation is of course necessary. Just like the pulsation of your body.
Since pulsation and breathing are the most frequently repeated movements of our body, it should also be used for psychological preparation.
Namely. We can not clearly know how we will react in such situations if we have never really been there. An ordinary person usually falls into a stupor or vice versa starts
in confusion  to fuss (bustle), perform ineffective actions and naturally ends very badly.
And one of the main tasks of psychological preparation, is to teach oneself to enter instantly into the definition of a state. It is called the "reference condition". I call it (state "0").
It is this condition that is key in any psychological preparation. It is this state that can be as relaxed and secure as possible in any extreme situation. And of course, this condition can not be received in 1-2 days. Also it can not be bought for money. This is a daily practice. It is very interesting process  and it allows  to  every person to live in  the most effective way of life.
Exactly it is in this state "0" that people write their best poems, music, achieve new discoveries and inventions.
Every person at least happens in this state twice a day, when he falls asleep and when he wakes up. It is this transition state between sleep and wakefulness that is very close to the state 0". But as a rule, an ordinary person does not pay attention to these important moments of his life. Indeed, without certain practices it is difficult to fix consciousness in these short moments.
But the real practice of Systema (here I am talking about the Maksimtsov System and I can not talk about others) allows to achieve this state in training. Naturally, the student must perform certain actions in the most conscious manner. And with the principle of "lemon" (I hope you remember what is it), sooner or later, each person can reach this state.
So it's   in an extreme situation should be the first reaction -  not stupor or stupid unconscious actions, but the most effective actions.
Thus, when you accustom yourself to respond to any complex situations (for example feeling of pain, very uncomfortable posture, actions that are very difficult for you to perform) by relaxation and falling into a state "0", then you can be the most effective and in  everyday life. After all, feeling of fear and the subsequent tension of the body are  the main enemies in our life.
Thus it is necessary to look for this "state 0" as often as possible in everyday activities. It is this psychic state of our psyche that can really be measured with simple methods, just as it is to measure the length or weight of an object.
And when you clearly understand and make aware of  these processes of your psyche, you can control them.
 Alexander  Maksimtsov

The question from correspondence with an online student:

About the training, I would like to ask you something.
Since some weeks, I have new feelings. I feel that to be in good health (body and mind) we have to be in relation with our environment. I feel that forces that act on the universe are the same that act inside our body. But we cut the relation between outside and inside. I'm sure that what I feel is the right way. It's not somthing I think, that's something I feel.
So if you think that's posible, I would like you to help me to develop that.

I am very glad to see from you this letter and this  very interesting question. 
It means that you are to the right way.
When a person does the right things, he starts to think in the right direction. And naturally there is a reverse process. Thinking effectively, we begin to act effectively. These processes are mutually complementary.
 And answering your question, I will allow myself to remind you, the stages of training in  Maksimstsov Systema.
The first stage: to learn to master (conrol) your own body.
The second stage: sumultaneously to learn to master (conrol) of own  body and own thoughts.
The third stage: to learn to master (conrol)  of surrounding objects.
The fourth stage: to learn to master (conrol) environment. Naturally, to master of surrounding objects and the environment can only take place through your body and  your mind.
There is necessarily  one conditions for mastering of the environment are (mutually beneficial cooperation) and the ratio (+ +). I hope you remember what it is.
Therefore, without the first and second stages can not do anything. 
That's why we are taking more time for own body and mind at the 1st level and partly at the 2nd and 3rd levels.
And of course, when you will arrive, we will do  a lot to make you better aware of it, rethink it and apply it in everyday life.
I'm also much more interested in communicating with people with a higher level of awareness and clearly understanding what they want.
Therefore, any of your questions and suggestions are accepted.
I will work with you to learn new heights of skill and improve the quality of  our lives.


How to start to speak quickly and effectively in Russian, English, Spanish with the help of Sytema Maksimtsov?

Until the age of 41, I did not know any foreign language at all.
And it was, in spite of the fact that:
I studied English at school for 7 years.
Then 4 years in the technical school.
For 2 years in the army.
For 2 years in a special police school and  for 3  years in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Then for 2  years at the National University of Physical Culture and Sports.

Total  I studied English for 20 years.
As a result, at a meeting with an English-speaking interlocutor, I could say only a couple of phrases: "My name is Alexander" and "I live in Kiev". All my knowledge of English immediately flew out from my head and I could only smile silly and tried to say goodbye to this person.
And when I was already more than 40 years old, I said goodbye forever  to the desire to communicate fluently with English speakers and  to read the necessary literature in English. I just decided that I have absolutely no ability for foreign languages.
And probably, so it would be.
But there came a time when Systema  Maksimtsov  became quite popular in Western Europe and the United States.
English-speaking adepts Systema  Maksimtsov  began to call, wrote e-mails and came to me for seminars and for individual trainings.
     At first I used the services of an interpreter. The Internet and all kinds of technical translators at that time were still very poorly developed. It was the beginning of the 90s   immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    All the time being in the company of translators was not very comfortable and I always felt an inferiority complex. They (translators ) understand and speak in English  fluently but I can not.
    At that time  I already had quite a lot of experience teaching Maksimtsov's System in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for cadets. Also every  evening I trained civilians for self-defense.
    Frequently came across students who did not have coordination at all. And that such students could learn self-defense, first of all they should be able to control their body. That is, to improve their coordination of movements.

To this goal I developed a special training system where any person, even disabled people with disabilities,  step by step to get good coordination of movements and improve their abilities.
      And then a thought came to me. If I can teach other people, why I can not  teach myself the ability to speak English?
Yes, at first glance, these are completely different knowledge and skills.
Foreign languages, health restoration and self-defense.
  But I decided to unite them.
For example, when a person tried to do special motions with left hand, he had to do it in a clear sequence and therefore, to be maximally conscious at this moment. Then I suggested to these students to comment on their movements, so as not to lose control of his body.

And I applied the same method for teaching English to myself. Every day I did  certain natural movements and I commented  them in English.
In a week I could fluently comment  my simple movements in English. After about a month, I could comment  all my movements and begin to complicate the comments.
The main condition for achieving the good result was daily special movements for 10-15 min. which are used for self-defense and the corresponding comment in a foreign language.
In the future, I have more deeply studied this phenomenon. It turns out that the more sensory organs a person uses, the better he remembers. And a particularly important factor is that when the two hemispheres of our brain are involved in studying something at once, the process of memorizing significantly accelerated.
Now almost everyone knows about this, who is interested in learning of foreign languages.
But at that time, in the early 90's, it was in a certain sense a huge discovery.
And besides, I added another very important point.
And it's not just any movement.
Energy Stimulating movements that restore neural pathways between the brain and the rest of the body to communicate with people and objects in our environment.
Despite the fact that these movements were natural for the human body, for a modern person who moves like a robot (look at bodybuilders), these movements have become complex. This increases the moment of presence in what you are doing now (the moment of awareness). In this case, foreign words are remembered and with the help of ordinary memory, and with the help of muscle memory.

This technique allowed me to stop being afraid to speak a foreign language. Because I was just talking to myself in English. Yes, of course, I often pronounced the words incorrectly, I broke almost all the rules of English grammar.
BUT! I can speak and undertand in English!!!
And I did not speak any stupid phrases that different courses and teachers offered me. I talked about what I'm interested in.
I talked to my body.
This my English lesson  lasted only 10-15 minutes 2 times in day.
During this time I received the following results:
1. I spoke  in English.
2. Simultaneously  I clearly felt my body and thereby improved my coordination of movements.
3. I did not spend time and money for  attending any foreign language courses and fitness centres.
4. I could practice anywhere and anytime.
5. I was the student and simultaneously the  own teacher of myself.
6. I realized that no one will help me. Only I can teach myself by applying this technique.

To date, I have speak fluently in English and have conducted more than 200 seminars  in many cities of England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and other countries.
I conduct my training sessions of  Maksimtsov's Systema in Spanish and in French in Tenerife (Spain) where I permanently reside.
  At the same time, my ability for languages ​​is very limited. I have almost no musical ear.  But his is an important component for studying foreign languages.
My age when I really only began to seriously study English language was already more than 40 years. This is not a child's age, and not a youth, when it is most easy to learn a foreign languages.
And yet, each of you, regardless of your age, if you really want to know some foreign language (English, Spanish, French )  - you will speak this language.
And the proposed method of universal Maksimtsov's system will help you.

What does it mean to invest in yourself?

Someone invests to new business, someone - to implant new teeth, someone changes the shape of the nose or does plastic surgery, and someone gets new education.
And at first glance it's effective. But if you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that all of these things are  secondary.
At the first place, always and everywhere for a person was, is and will be  the skill or art of survival in any situation.
In second place is own Health​.
And in third place is one very important physical quality of a person.
And this is not force and power!
And not endurance!
And not high-speed qualities!
And not even flexibility!
A person  develops it when he starts to play sports. But every sane person understands that any sport is an artificial situation, which is very far from real life.
In everyday life there will not be your coach next to you all the time, there will not be the doctor ready to give you instant first aid. We will not be in a light warm sports hall (gym) with a soft mats or with a special coating on the treadmill. There will be no special  protective equipment, special clothes and shoes, and many other things what  athletes useally use in them activity.
  And that's why if you are engaged in any sport with the hope that it will help you survive in an extreme situation, then you are in an illusion.
  Sport  is primarily a show, competition for certain honest rules. But where did you see honest rules in real life?
  And in order to be able to win in real life, you need a quality that is called... 
Yes. You correctly guessed!
This is Agility. In Russian it is called "Ловкость".
And this is exactly the quality that every person needs to develop.
This quality appears and like physical, and like  psychological.

   So if you really want to invest your resources in yourself, invest in your ability to SURVIVE, into your HEALTH and the development of your Agility.
And come here:

Question from the student about the principles of Systema Maksimtsov.

Thanks a lot for your question.
You  took part in  7 seminars Systema Maksimtsov. At each seminar I gave a minimum  3 principles of my System.
Consciously or unconsciously but you know, perhaps you understand and sometimes apply the principles of Maximitsov's System.
When you passed  the exams for the 1st level Systema colonel Maksimtsov, you answered for theoretical questions  and showed some practice with these principles:
1. Principles of motion.
2. Principles of special acrobatics.
Yes, indeed it was only initial, but very necessary knowledge and understanding.
Later you learned:
1. Principles of effective gait (walking).
2. Principles of take off   the physical balance of the enemy. We  only  touched quite a bit how  these principles work for take off  the  psychological    balance of the enemy.
3. Principles of work against an armed opponents.
   Yes, indeed, you have not studied how to effectively use these principles to improve the quality of your daily life.
After all, if you look more globally, an ordinary person from Western Europe almost never fought, does not fight now, and will never fight. Of course, if this  person does not serve in special units of the army, police, secret service and does not work as a bodyguard and security guard.
A logical question arises: "For what then for person from Western Europe study martial arts? Why they spend a huge amount of time, energy, force, finance for  something that will never   be  use in them lifes?
It was this question that I began to ask myself, when 14 years ago I started to train people from Western Europe.
When I showed them real things from real life (real street combat fighting), I very often heard that it was against the law. Even when I  simple tied up  of an opponent with the  laces of his boots or with his belt.
In my seminars many participants from Western Europe told me that it's against the law.
By law, they do not have the right to deprive the ability to move any person, even a madman, a person who has a state of drug or alcohol intoxication, or even a robber who is  rob you in this moment.
From their logic it follows that it would be better and more legitimate to cripple or kill them opponents, as for example in  Krav Maga,  than to tie up and then, if necessary to give him to Police.
Yes, of cource,   life in Eastern Europe is  much more difficult. A few years ago, in the early 90s, when the Soviet Union collapsed and there was a dawn of banditry in this territory, even a simple trip to the store could end tragically.
   And the real Systema of self-defense (Maksimtsov's System) gave many adherents of this system to preserve their health and life.
But times change.
Now at the head of each person's desire is not the usual survival, but the improvement of the quality of life, more comfort  and the achievement of their goals.
It's this knowledge, understanding and skill  accomplish this tasks and applicated  in simple and clear principles of the  Systema  colonel Maksimtsov.
 At any moment in life every adept who has passed at least 3 levels of Maksimtsov's system has tremendous opportunities to improve the quality of his life, as well as the quality of life of people close to him.  And at the same time, if necessary they can  use these  knowledge, understanding and skill to protect yourself and loved ones.
Here, especially for you Evelina, I will remind the basic principles of teaching and using the  Systema Maksimtsov.
1. The principle of trinity; in each action we must achieve three main goals. Survival; Health; Dexterity.
1.1. applicable meaning for survival;
1.2. if necessary recovery, preservation and improvement of health;1.3. the development of physical and psychological dexterity. This is the main quality of body and mind necessary for survival.
2. Clear connection of learning with the realities of life.
2.1. Training is not in the artificial conditions of the gym, but in the conditions of the city, forests, mountains, river, sea and so on.
2.2. Real weather. Snow; Rain; Ice; Dampness; The scorching sun, etc.
2.3. Real casual clothes. Everydays shoes.
There is no kimono; sports shorts, briefs, boxing gloves, protective helmet  and so on.
It should be the clothes which you use  in everyday life.
2.4. Use for training only a real weapon;  not a rubber knife, a wooden sword or cardboard nunchuck.
3. Simultaneous use and application logical thinking and creative thinking.
 With this principle of teaching of  the   Systema colonel Maksimtsov distinguishes and cardinally dominated   from all existing other Systems.
This list can be continued.
 But I will leave it for online training.
It is in online learning that you can clearly study, understand and can apply all these principles of Maximitsov's Systema (a total of 50 principles). And this  application  will be effective both for improving the quality of your daily life, and for effective self-defense, and what is still very important  - is the restoration and improvement of health. It's and  the restoration of vision, hearing, mobility in the joints, spine, heart problems, etc.
As an afterword to this answer I want to remind a very important principle: "In  all-out warfare if you did not kill your enemy, then your enemy will  kill you.
 In street fightings  the main goal is not to cripple the opponent or  kill him. The main goal is to make  from your enemy - your  friend.
 And if you do not have enough skill and experience to make friend, then you should immobilize your opponent.
 You should not allow  to him  to injury or kill you and your loved   and at the same time, as little as possible to cripple him.

Change yourself at your own will before  or it will happen with  life  force!

What role does respiration play in the Systema Maksimtsov?

Thank you for your question.
This question is often asked. I already answered it a couple of times earlier in Facebook.
But it is really sufficiently important topic and I'll try to report it again.

After all, if you look more deeply and ask yourself: "Why do I study and practice the Systema?"
There can be many answers.
- Someone calls this the way to become happy.
- Someone - in order to be confident in any life situation and find the most effective way out of this bad (dificalt) situation.
- Someone in order to find the ability to survive in the conditions of the modern city, and during the cataclysms of industrial ( like the Chernobyl nuclear accident)
political cataclysms (terrorism, war), during natural cataclysms (tornado, tsunami, earthquake, flood, etc.).

And someone decides their more needfull questions. For example, creation the family.
During the time that I have been practicing and teaching the Maksimtsov Systema (28 years ) in my lessons 19 couples have met and created good families. And what is very important they all live now. No pair has divorced.

Because these people quite consciously approached the creation of a family.
And those girls who come to study the Maksimtsov System have wisdom. They understand that finding a normal man is very difficult in their usual circle of communication.
And men who are interested, and even more who were learned in the Maksimtsov System are really workable, practicable and wise men. And it is in this circle of communication there is a great chance to find a true, courageous, strong companion of life.
So, back to the breath. 
"How can everybody use his breath more efficiently and most importantly, how can everybody improve the quality of his daily life using his breath?"

One of the main problems of modern humanity is its unconsciousness.
People use alcohol, drugs and other substances to "forget all", for a while and to get away from their problems.
In a certain sense, the same thing happens when a person reads books only for entertainment (not for learning), watches television, listens to music, plays computer games, etc. To not think about their problems.
Russian famous proverb.
"The ostrich, when afraid, hides its head in the sand, but his ass remains outside".
Therefore, in order to be more time in the state of awareness, I suggest to use our capabilities which all time with us. 
At the moment of concentration I propose you always start with a sensation of the pulse in the region of the center of gravity and after 
take attention to the breathing. 
You can realize how the center of gravity moves with the pendulum in the rhythm of breathing.
Naturally, you can focus to any other things. But for this you need to always have them with you.
Your pulse and your breath are always with you while you are alive.

If you remember the principles of motion, the second principle says: "movement without stops".
Nature itself tells us this. Even when we sleep, in our body there is a constant movement (pulse, breathing, etc.)

Thus, you have a unique opportunity to always have a certain assistant with you, which helps you to be here and now.
The fundamental aspect of Maksimtsov's System training is principles. Principles of survival;
Principles of motion;
Principles of special acrobatics (falling, rolling, somersaults);
Principles of taken off the balance of the opponents; 
Principles of shock technology; 
Principles of self-defence; 
principles of working with weapons;
principles of work against weapons;
principles of fighting against group of enemy and other ...

One of the important principles of special acrobatics (falling, rolling, somersaults) is the following principle: "All movements, when the center of gravity of a person moves upwards we must be performed the inhale.

All movements, when our center of gravity moves downwards, it is necessary to exhale. 
Again, nature itself tells us this principle. In order to lift something we need to move against the force of gravity. In this moment we need to strain the muscles and create a certain tension. During the inhale - also occurs the tension of the muscles of the chest, lungs, diaphragm, abdomen, etc.
When we freely lower down, for example the hand, we do not need to strain the muscles of the body and create tension. The same is happen when we exhales. At this moment the muscles of the chest, lungs, diaphragm, abdomen, etc. relax.

Evelina, to improve the quality of your daily life and to maximally effectively practice the Systema (I'm talking about the Maksimtsov System) I offer you a simple daily practice to increase your awareness.
For example. When you sit down or lie down on a chair, armchair or bed, relax and do it with exhalation.
And accordingly, on the contrary, when you stand up - do it with inhalation. Already only this simple practice will give you great opportunities:
1. You will perform any falls, rolls and somersaults on the hard surface as effectively as possible.
2. Use your muscles in daily life with the maximum efficiency, and therefore never feel tired.
3. Be conscious throughout the day. If you remember (foresee, avoid, act).

4. Always be energetic and vigorous, feel the joy of every day lived.

To be continued.

Sport! Is it useful? Do you need to do sports?


Sport is very bad for health.
Yes, I once again want to state this: sport, and especially any weight lifting, such as weight bars, kettlebells and other weights are very dangerous for health.

And I clearly realize that I click to myself a lot of indignation from the layman, thrill-seeker, amateur of sport and others . 
Thank you for your question. He is really very relevant. Especially for people like you and me.
When I was 20-25 years old, it seemed to me that the age 50-60 years is already a deep old age.
Now I'm 52, I clearly understand that this is the best time of life. The most important thing is that at this age there is a huge life and professional experience, and health has been ( of course, relatively) preserved. 
In youth person have a lot of free time, lots of health and absolutely no life experience. 
As for me when I was 28 years old, and I already had 21 years of experience in many martial arts I trained a lot with all kinds of weights, including kettlebells.
As a result, huge problems with the spine, elbows, knees. Before the occurrence of the fact that I could not be in a vertical position. Only lying position.
And it happened when I was only 28 years. But more about that later.

If you dig a little, not even deep, then on the surface we will see that sport is first and foremost a Big Business. 
Because after the representatives of the first echelon of modern business we all heard about, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.
The next cohort includes artists, musicians and ... of course sportsmen. It's those who create mass culture, cinema and sports. For example, a Russian tennis player charming and scandalous Marina Sharapova over the past year earned 29.7 million a year.
And how much do you earn in a year, an indignant and outraged reader? However, Marina Sharapova takes only 27 place in the list of the most wealthy sportsman. Statistics for 2016
It is interesting that the most in the rating of baseball players, as many as 27 people. But the first two lines were occupied by boxers, and Floyd Mayweather topped the list for the third time in four years. The American managed to earn fabulous $ 300 million.
Floyd Mayweather broke the record of Tiger Woods, who in 2008 was in the lead in the rating with 115 million. The previous achievement was exceeded almost three times!
Probably these people are doing so much more important than what you, your friends and your acquaintances. If they earn a year much more than you.

Dear reader, I apologize for the rather harsh statement, but it is in this form of information that it is better absorbed in our mind.
And when the information has hooked our mind, we begin to think a little differently. The next step is to change our actions. And only then, with these changes, our health begins to recover after sports injuries, after all sorts of falls, illnesses, unless, of course, it's not too late. Unfortunately, and very often it is simply impossible.
And I see one of my tasks in order to do all, dear reader, that it's not too late for you.
But we will continue to dig deeper and let's define: "What is the main goal of any sportsman"? 
Of course! To win the competition. Beginning from district school to the Olympic Games. And this is normal.

Famous Russian proverb: "It's bad soldier if he does not dream of being a General".

But where does health come from? Where did you see a healthy sportsmen with the level of master of sports and above (Russian graduation)? And where did you see the champion of the highest qualification who does not use special drugs that increase the energy resources of the athlete? What is the modern Olympic Games? This is a commercial war between pharmaceutical companies. Just some of the drugs have already been listed in the special directory, but others have not yet.
And that when the champion and his coach make the most of all out of the athlete's body everything that is possible; and after with the help of chemistry, everything impossible with the standards of an ordinary person. And after that he will be healthy?
Yes!!! Well!!
And what a euphoria when I lifted a heavier weight. Or did more of the uplifts.
For one day the mood is just "super". And it does not matter that after this action, at best, the overloaded joints, the "clogged" muscles ache. And in the worst case, what happens, unfortunately, very often, there are injuries and very serious. Where disrupt knee tendons (meniscus) well, just a trifle, which does not allow to move effectively and with pleasure for the rest of your life.
Well, it will be later. And now emotions are bursting with self-esteem. How I'm a law unto myself (cool) I was when I score a opponent’s goal. Or lifted a heavier weight. 
But is this the value of a person, his inner qualities and all his life in general? What is the use of the family of this lucky player who scored a goal, his surroundings, the country and all of humanity? And most to the player? A few minutes of vanity? How cool was I? And after a short time, when you start to get sick, when you give up many simple everyday joys of the usual movement, when even when you have sex you limit yourself to 1-2 positions, because you simply can’t because of the pain - you start to think: "How could I be such idiot?!"
If I could go back a few years and I would never do it, and I did not advise others. After all, it's real, well, it's very hard to feel like an invalid, unable to function when you are only 30-40 years. I'm not talking about an earlier age, when thousands of athletes mutilate themselves without thinking about the consequences. But my dear readers, life does not end either in 30 years and not in 40, or even in 50 years. The author of these lines was only about 50 years, that he is beginning to understand in this life, begins to appreciate everyday joys and more consciously treat both health and life itself.

Sorry for the long introduction to your answer.

Short answer.
1. It is necessary to do such exercises, when the distance between the joints increased, and especially between the vertebrae.
And try to avoid such exercises when compression occurs.
2. Always use the forces of nature. Gravity, the moment of inertia, the force of elasticity.
3. And of course, all this should happen at maximum relaxation.

I hope this was useful for you.
Questions are welcome.

Alexander Maksimtsov