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I just wish I was younger (I am 60) so I could have many more years to learn everything…

I just wish I was younger (I am 60) so I could have many more years to learn everything…

60 years is a good age, provided that a person has retained his health, or at least has the knowledge, understanding and ability to restore it. And he not wasted it (health)  on many bad things (alcohol, drugs, affordable women, overeating and other stupid habits), and also did not ruin his health in heavy physical exertion in sports (as I did in my youth).
 Now I am restoring it as far as possible and, accordingly, after receiving positive results, I suggest that my students restore their health according to the methods of the Systema that I myself used. This is the restoration of vision,  the restoration of the spine (lower back and cervical region), knees, restoration of digestion and removal of excess weight and stomach, etc. I sent you the list earlier.

In general, we need to clearly understand why we need the Systema, and what we want to achieve with the help of it.
Because the Systema is not a goal. Just like money and health are not the goal. The Systema, money and health are the means to a certain goal.
Yes, money and health can be an intermediate goal, because without them it is sometimes impossible to do what you want. For example, I like to go to the mountains. But if there are problems with the knees, then this is impossible. And only after I fully restored my knees after injuries (competitions in  full contact karate and  sambo) I now go to the mountains with my students (when they come to Tenerife) or one  2 times a week for 5-6 hours each time.

Just as the study of a foreign language (for you Russian) is an intermediate goal for achieving higher goals (living a happy life for example). And at the same time, language learning is the best way to preserve and improve memory at any age.

Thus, when a person understands a clear goal, then he takes a certain section of the Systema, which purposefully leads him to a successful result (intended purpose).

What are the most frequently repeated movements in the human body and how is it used in Systema Colonel Maksimtsov?

The answer to this question is one of the online students:

Regarding the question of the most frequently repeated movements in our body in everyday life, I would say sitting, standing and walking. Other mechanics such as flexion, extension and pivoting also come into this. 

The answer for this student: 
Thank you for your answer.
What can you say about such a movement as breathing?  Are you less likely to breathe than sit down and stand up?
As far as walking is concerned, the answer here is perfect and it answers your question about transferring weight from heel to toe and back.
As you know, and it is impossible to dispute that a person does best in life exactly what he does every day.
If a person is not disabled, then he walks at least a few hundred meters every day. That is, he has a stable skill in this movement and does it much more efficiently than any other movement.
Do you agree with this?
Thus, in the Systema Colonel Maksimtsov, a huge part of the movements and techniques are built precisely on this walking algorithm.
Of course, you can teach a person to do various exotic things (for example, sit on the transverse and longitudinal splits). But how much energy, effort and time will it take? And most importantly, why? For what? Where will he need this skill in everyday life? And in a combat situation, it will generally be very dangerous and inefficient.
I hope you already understood the answer to your question? If not, please let me know.

Question for you.
We found out that the most frequently repeated movements in the human body are:
1. Breath.
2. Walking.
What is the 3rd  most frequently repeated movements in the human body?
If you want to test yourself and get feedback, you can reply and send your answer here: frbiu2 or here:

Why is it so important to train the balance in the Systema (SCM)?

If you need to quickly and effectively disable your opponent, then you just need to unbalance him: both physically and psychologically.
In this case, you will not need to strike him with your hands and feet. This is ineffective and dangerous for your wrists and fingers, and also in case of further investigation by the police. After all, someone can record this moment on the phone.
It is most effective to create a situation where the enemy, as it were, accidentally loses his balance and falls unsuccessfully.
To be able to do this, you need to be able to manage your own (center of gravity) balance. And this video will help you learn how to control your balance without spending time, energy and force.
Online education Systemа Colonel Maksimtsov and more info here:

A question from an online student about keeping a diary.

As I wrote to you earlier, it is very important for you first of all to write comments about your inner sensations while performing any movements.
The global task in Systema Colonel Maksimtsov is to connect the brain and body. The more connections, the more efficiently this "device, machine, the highest creation of God, etc"  - we can call a person differently, but everywhere the essence is the same.
Create a universal adaptation from your body and brain for a happy life and pass on your experience to the next generation. Then you have the right (this is in theory, in religious covenants, in esotericism) to be born in a new entity, much more advanced and happy.

Whether it is true or not, in principle, it does not matter. The most important thing is that it gives energy and strength to act in this life as much as possible efficiently  in order to improve yourself and the world around you.

Therefore, write comments. Verbally, a person himself is not able to comment and concentrate your thoughts constantly on what he is doing. But when you write, you do it. And the more detailed you write, the more effective it is.
I'm waiting for your comments. And naturally you will write these comments in your diary.

If you need to subject a young man to severe and painful punishment, but very effective in terms of the development of this person, then take his word that he will keep a diary for a year.

What is Systema Colonel Maksimtsov?

Systema Colonel Maksimtsov is a clearly structured and most effective way (method) of control one's own life.
   You cannot learn and master these fundamental things in life at a large seminar in a crowd. 
Each person is individual. Each person has only his own specific mindset; his biomechanical body structure; motor and mental habits; past experience in martial arts and other fields of activity and much more, which is peculiar only to him.
    Alexander Maksimtsov  for 17 years conducted more than 20 workshops per year and had extensive experience in teaching different people.
Yes, students can be taught some basic self-defense techniques at a seminar. But to teach a person to completely manage (control) his life is not possible. That is why Alexander Maksimtsov stopped holding seminars and conducts only individual training in the Canary Island  Tenerife (individual teaching) and online teaching.
       Each person, consciously or unconsciously, strives for full control of his life. But not everyone clearly realizes what it means to manage their own lives. Basically, especially young people start practicing martial arts in order to feel confidently. We all watched movies with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Steven Seagle and others, and  naturally we wanted to be like them.

But only with age, after a long service in the army and Police for 25 years, with life experience, I started to understand that cinema, training in different  sports (like boxing,  karate, all tipes of wrestling  and so on )  and real life are exactly the opposite things.
It's absolutely different psychology of battle. It's absolutely different biomechanics of movements. It's absolutely different surroundings and objects (weapons). And accordingly, a completely different approach to training, to the preparation of one's body and psyche is needed.
And  most importantly! 
The goal of real martial art is full Control your own life. And of course, the professional ability to protect yourself and your loved ones in any extreme situation.

A clearly structured Systema Colonel Maximtsov consists from  6 levels from the elementary level to the professional level. See here;

Is it possible to do a universal exercise on the bar on a yoga ball? And, how often should we do this exercises?

"We did some exercises for the spine, and to make the blood go up fast to the head using a bar or handrail. Can this exercises be done with a yoga ball? And, how often should we do this exercises?"
The answer to the first question.
This exercise, of course, can be started on the  yoga ball. But only if you feel that you cannot do it on a pipe. Effectiveness on a yoga ball is reduced tenfold.
As for the art of survival;  THE FULL control the state of consciousness in an extreme situation, for example, after you missed a blow to the head (in the lower jaw), and got a knockdown or even a knockout. Or missed a blow to the stomach with a knee or into the liver with fist.
It is generally not possible to achieve whatever specific pain and  the necessary senses on the yoga ball like on the bar.
 The answer to the second question: “ How often should we do this exercises?"
This exercise needs to be done, like the others exercises of Systema Maksimtsov,   until you will can visualize these sensations  without a bar (without doing this exercise).
I recommend starting to do this once a day. Necessarily on an empty stomach. Or at least 2 hours after eating. You can drink.
 Try to do until the moment you receive the necessary sensations, and then try to remember them.
Systema  Maksimtsov  offers you, figuratively speaking, "learn to ride a bicycle." And after you achieve the results you need, you do not need to do this always.

What exercise should be done every day?

From correspondence with an online student.
Student Question:

I have a question for you: there are many exercises we can do every day to stay in shape and stay healthy. I know the necessity of being regular and through the fact that in the action of walking, sitting, I can work my body, posture...
But is there some exercise we can do every day you can advise me, maybe something you do too?

Thanks for your question.

Perhaps it will be for you unexpected. But it is the most effective in terms of improving, first of all, you (other student) as an individual, and only secondarily as a universal fighter.

You need to train every day what you do the worst. Pay attention to the entire 1st level,
also to those topics that you have already passed from 2nd level,
and determine what you are doing with difficulty and not very well. Surely you yourself feel it.
This is what you need to work every day until you feel that it has become natural and easy.

Don't waste your time.

I have a friend.  He is  as a handyman type.! He is trying to do everything with his own hands.

He repairs the car himself, washes it himself, in the house - also everything himself. Repair - myself. He  boughts a washing machine, connected it himself. Dishwasher ... In short, everything in general himself.

In general - well done! Yes?

So say the majority and will  not be quite right!
Many people constantly find themself in such situations:

The question arose, how to restore vision or spine, how to effectively present yourself and your business, how to finally learn how to manage your life?
There is a course! BUT...
- It cost ... 800 euros - expensive, I'll figure it out myself!
After a year, having become entranced, he  bought.
But the year does not return!

It's time to sort out relationships with loved ones in the family, with children.
There is a course! BUT...
- Not! I'll figure it out right now. I'm not a fool.
After a year you go, exhale, buy a course.
But the year has passed again!

It would be necessary to deal with finances. Probably need to get another job.
There is a course. But...
A year passes. Fatigue, exhaustion, questions are all there ...

And these are all losses, losses, losses ... Money? To hell with them! TIME! The most valuable and irreplaceable resource.
You can imagine a Hollywood actor who needs to get in shape, master some dialect, find a new accent or otherwise prepare himself for the film, and who would say:
- No, I will not use anyone's services! I'll figure it out myself - all the info is on the Internet.

No! They all use the services of a coach.

I know that someone will now say:
- Well, yeah, they earn money, so they can afford it! ..

No, friends, you confuse the cause with the effect! They earn a lot of money because they value their time! And not vice versa.
The do-it-yourself philosophy is disrespectful to your time.

This is an exchange of time for money. You did it yourself, and as if you saved a little. But in fact - lost.

And the saddest and most insidious thing in this situation is that it is very difficult to calculate the price. Almost impossible.

But the price is high!

You begin to understand this when you look back 10 years. Then it becomes clear how much time is "killed" in independent attempts to figure out something, instead of asking for help from those who already have the experience that you need so much.

Money can be accumulated, time cannot be accumulated.

Time is running out. And if we spend it on fixing the toilet, instead of hiring an experienced plumber, we pay the price with time.

And so I look at those who train themselves. Looks at the next master on YouTube and tries to copy it.

And I do not say that it is bad.

I just say - do not be fooled.

If this is your hobby, if you are interested in going all the way and making all the mistakes, if you are interested in the process itself, time does not bother you, and you are ready to devote the next 10 years of life to it - great! Go on.

And I say this without sarcasm!

But if you care about the result, not the process. As you make fewer mistakes along the way and move more efficiently towards your goal, don’t think about what you are saving. Do not be fooled! You are losing!
This is a truth that not everyone loves, I myself do not love her. But you need to remember about it, otherwise it will fly away year after year under the slogan "I can handle them".

How to train for extreme situations and not to be injured?

Thanks for your question.
There are 2 serious aspects.
1. It is very important to prepare the body and psyche for an effective (safe) reaction to a strong impact.
Immediately I can disappoint you.
There will be injuries. But injuries are different.
If you get hit in the head, then at real speeds you will get a concussion.
But if you did for a special technique of Systema for preparing your head for blows, starting from the minimum to real blows, then there is practically no injury. Possible dissection of the eyebrow, "blue eye", blood from the nose. But this injury does not lead to serious health problems. After 2-3 days, everything is restored, even if you are more than 50 years old.
I always feel sorry for the young guys, and sometimes people of a more serious age come to the Systema group and after 1-2 months of training they begin to spar and work at fast speeds. These are future disabled people. It is good if the injury is not very serious, and this young man leaves this group on time.

2nd aspect. This is speed. A person cannot come to elementary school and study higher mathematics or programming. He must first learn to read, write, and count to 10.
In each next class, on the basis of the acquired skills to read, write and count, the program becomes more complicated step by step. Similarly, in the Systema. See the program here.

1st level - speed is only 10% of combat speed.
2nd level - 20%.
and so on.
But for some reason, the student comes into the System group and immediately wants to feel like a Master (Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee). But this does not happen never.
In order to besiege such students a little, I show a simplest roll forward on concrete and suggest repeating this to this student. In 99% of cases, such a student either refuses to do this, or does it and receives minor injuries to his body on a hard surface.
After that, a smart student understands that he needs to undergo training according to a special technique in order to do this without injuries.
Start at a speed of 10% of real combat speed.
Wellcome to Tenerife. Accommodation can be arranged near the ocean for free in your tent. Also other accommodation options available. Alexander Maksimtsov

Hello, can you explain what Non linear training is please. Thanks.

      Finally, Barry you asked an interesting and more professional question. Thank you so much.
95% of people ask the same questions. Such as how do Systema Colonel Maksimtsov differ from the Ryabko and Vasiliev Systems? And the second question: "How much time do I need to become a Master in Systema?
So closer to the truth of the matter.
In order to understand non-linear learning, let's define what is linear learning?
 When people  accumulate information and go from simple to complex. This is a linear learning process. And the information doubles every 5 years. 
 No man can read all the books that are written. Computers, although they give a certain acceleration in data processing, they increase a person’s dependence on technology (is there electricity, does the phone work, is there a computer virus, etc.) and reduce the quality of human communication (immersion in virtual reality). Therefore, learning linearly, we always lag behind.
   But it is not enough to accumulate information, it must be used correctly, creatively. 
Is it possible to teach creativity? If you study linearly, then you can’t, because creativity is a process of creating new things.
And how to learn nonlinearly? For this, special training methods have been developed. Methods that form a person's ability to perceive the right information in the right place and at the right time. There is no need to mechanically accumulate knowledge, "maybe come in handy." It is enough to get the necessary concepts.
In Systema Colonel Maksimtsov, these are basic principles, such principles of survival, principles of movement, principles of most effective gait, principles of falls and rolls, principles of defence, principles of attack, etc. In total, about 30 principles are studied at first  3 basic levels, and about 20 principles  more at 3 professional levels.
Moreover, each principle works both at the physical level in an extreme situation (combat), as well as at the psychological level in everyday life.
 The person receives  knowledge, understanding and skills as an information package, which he can use if necessary and anywhere. At the same time, perception changes, the speed of thinking increases. This leads, on the one hand, to faster learning and, on the other hand, to a reduced probability of making wrong decisions.
 After all, wrong decisions are our inability to receive and process information.

 In Systema Ryabko, Vasiliev and other instructors there are  next method of breathing: "Very frequent short inhales and exhales. Is this breathing method effective?

 Konstantin Buteyko, a Soviet scientist, physiologist, clinician, philosopher of medicine, doctor of medical sciences, showed that breathing should be based on minimal oxygen consumption. A large amount of oxygen in the blood causes a slight poisoning of the whole organism.
Everybody  can cheack it  in a simple example.
If you take 20 deep inhales and exhales  very quickly, you will immediately feel much worse than before. This is because oxygen in large quantities is a poison for our body. And when you oversaturate your lungs with oxygen, and accordingly the blood, then the person begins to feel "slight intoxication." If you do this often, it does not give anything good to your body.
And just the “ the non-violent limited  breathing”, especially at the time of a pause on the exhale, has a very beneficial effect on our health.
This is due to the acid-base balance in our body. Since a modern person consumes a lot of products that did sour (acidic)  to our bodies (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, etc.), he  needs certain methods of leveling the acid-base balance.
The use of special breathing is very effective (short inhale - long exhale - pause).
Also, in a combat situation, all combat movements must be performed upon exhalation. You cannot make a good blow, effectively take protective actions, perform elements of lower acrobatics (fall,  somersaults, rolls...) when inhaled. All these movements are performed as you exhale.
Such a special breathing rhythm is practiced on the basis of exhalation and pause in the Kadochnikov's  Systema and Systema Colonel Maksimtsov.
The breath, which is practiced by many adherents of the Ryabko System, Vasiliev and others to put it mildly, is not natural for a relaxed person.
Maximum relaxation are the basis of survival, to be effective in battle, and especially to be healthy.
Only a relaxed person can be effective in all areas of life, especially in real combat.
                                                                               Alexander Maksimtsov
More info:
“Our ability to generate energy is directly proportional to our ability to relax.”

"How to learn to fall on any solid surface and maintain this skill at any age and at any time"?

Question from an adherent from the Facebook:
"How to learn to fall on any solid surface and maintain this skill at any age and at any time"?

If you correctly consciously sit in a chair, armchair or sofa, as well as consciously correctly lie down on the bed, then this is the practice of falling in everyday life.
To make it clear to you, All our ancestors did not train. No one had ever trained in the gym, as it is now. Especially during the war there is no way to train.
They used in battle only those natural movements that they did in everyday life. And only these movements will work in an extreme situation.
All movements that are not characteristic of man, artificially invented will not be effective. Because they cause a lot of tension in the body.
This requires a little knowledge and of course awareness in the movements of your body. Alexander Maksimtsov

Welcome to Tenerife.…/online-education-systema-colonel-…

How much does online education Systema Colonel Maksimtsov cost?

Each level of the  program Systema selfdefence of colonel Alexander Maksimtsov  consists from  25 separate lessons.
You have the opportunity to order any lesson separately;
Also  each level separately;
Also  you can possibilities to invest to the 2nd; 3rd; 4th; 5th or  to the complete Systema education - 6 levels.

Basic levels 1;2;3:
1.The Investment to  one topic of basic 1st  level - 45 euros.

2. The Investment to one basic  1st level   (25 topics): 
 25 lessons multiplied  by 45 euros  =  1125 euros.
Now you can invest to  one basic  1st level (25 topics)  -  only  700 euros.
Now you  have the opportunity to save 425 euros

3. The Investment to  three basic levels (75 topics):
 3 levels of program (basic level)  = 1600 euros

Professional   levels 4,5,6:
4. The Investment to  one topic of professional  level - 60  euros.

5. The Investment to one professional   level   (25 topics): 
 25 topics multiplied  by 60 euros  =  1500 euros.
Now you can invest to  one professional   level (25 topics)  - only  1000 euros.

6. The Investment to  ( 3  basic levels and 3 professional levels - 150 topics):

Now you can invest to full program 6 levels  - only  3750 euros.

What will  you receive with  online  education  Systema  Alexander Maksimtsov?

First of all:
1. The ability to be Master of yourself. What does it mean?
1.1. You total  control your physical state (own body)  in daily life and  in any emergency situation.
1.2. You total  control your mental state in daily life and  in any emergency situation.

2. The ability to control  all environment and surrounding objects. All around you should be your assistants in achieving your goals. 
2.1. The ability to fall and roll on any surface (asphalt, rocks, stairs, etc.)
2.2. For your self-defense you are capable and you can use  a  water bottle, your phone, pen, keys, ie,  and any other things, which can be near for you in emergency situation.
2.4. The ability to throw any things, liquid substances and  to hit the target accurately (to your enemy).

3.   The ability  to control  your opponent (one or more). 
After the acquisition of the stable  skills of your  mental and  physical control,  of environment and surrounding things you  will implement  total  control  your opponents.
Professional level:
 All conflicts and problems you can arrange   without physical actions  to your opponents  or with some actions but without injury, mutilation  or killing  your enemies.
The highest level of Master  - it is  to transform your enemy into  your friend  or at least your  companion.
Approximately 55-60% of each level of this program are your  actions  without a partner;  it's work with your own mind and body,  with objects and  surroundings.

Additional bonuses:
1. Effective use of your precious time.
1.1. You can learn when you have free time and desire.
1.2. You do not need to waste your valuable time for the way to the place of training and back.
1.3. You teach yourself to learn yourself with the help of the virtual teacher.
This quality is extremely necessary in the modern world. You become very effective.

2. You have the unique opportunity to have constant contact with your teacher the highest qualification.
2.1. You can ask any questions to your teacher and get a detailed answer by phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and so on.
2.2. You have constant feedback for  your answers and  you have the   possibility to correct your mistakes.

3. Efficient use of your finances.
3.1. The knowledge and skills that you want to buy will always remain with you - in your computer or in your smartphone. You can train anywhere - at home, in nature, in an airplane, etc.
3.2. Your teacher is always with you. You pay once to your teacher and you have the opportunity to learn online with  him  for a long time.
3.3. You do not waste your money for the way to  place of training.
3.4. You do not waste your money for  accommodation, for tickets,  when visiting the seminars or lessons  in other cities and countries.
4.  You develop your  self-control and self-discipline.
4.1. You get used to work with your own body and mind.
4.2. You are completely independent from the others.
5. You can make the very valuable and useful gift to your friends, family or colleagues if you give them online courses Combat System and health improvement
You and your friends have the unique opportunity to study self-defense system in the comfort of your home, apartment or workplace.

Who needs online training program Systema Maksimtsov?

1. You feel that despite the increase in your financial well-being, the quality and taste of your life uninterruptedly fall down.
2.  You feel a lack of energy, force  and endurance;
3.  Your reflection in the mirror causes your annoyance, irritation and displeasure.
4. You feel very uncomfortable and not confident  when you were  in an unusual situation.
5. Your environment is skeptical of your desire to start a healthy lifestyle and therefore you have put it off for later.
6. As you grow older, you have more and more diseases. And the same time only   your doctors, medical consultants and  hospitals have good profit from you.
7. With each following year you spend more and more money for nutritional supplements, pills and expensive  procedures to maintain yourself in a so-so physical condition.
8. Every year you change your glasses and lenses to more powerful ones, as your vision continues to deteriorate.
9. Periodically you feel apathy, depression  and the desire to send  everyone and everything  very far away...