Phrases and quotes

  • One of the basic principles of effective learning is: "From simple to complex".
  • What we are today is result of our own past actions; Whatever we wish to be in future depends on our present actions; Decide how you have to act now.
  • The dream is not done in an instant. Your every action, every your habit and your every action determines how quickly you reach it and you will reach it at all. © Muhammad Ali
  • Life is arranged as follows: look where the crowd runs, and run the other way - otherwise you get the same thing and the crowd.
  • Live as you want to, and not as you expect from others. It does not matter, to justify their expectations you or not ... You will die without them. And your victory you will achieve yourself!
  • There are two big mistakes in life: to do something without having goals, and have a purpose, but do nothing.
  • To study SYSTEMA RMA is simple. The main thing is to turn it into a habit. For ex my neighbor, for example, the second year as he stopped drinking, but he has hangover out of habit every morning.
  • Only fools people hate for the truth. Clever people are grateful for the truth.
  • So, those who are in a hurry, those who want to quickly - notachieved ever. Only when you forget about time and will do it aswell - not in a hurry, can succeed.
    (Idries Shah)
  • All successful people know if they not do something now, it will not ever be done.
  • ... It is very difficult to find a good Teacher! Even more difficult to find a good student. - Why? -Do not do them homework ...
  • What do you tell to your partner to stop whining, complaining, grow snot?: Do not be sorry, to agree with the complaints, escalate them to absurd and say nothing about it anymore. Interlocutor immediately begins to argue that it's not so bad)))
  • Strictly speaking, old age begins when a person loses the ability to learn
    (Arturo Count )
  • Do not strive to be stronger than your opponent, and you look for where your opponent is weaker than you.
    (Kadochnikov Alexei Alexevich)
  • Know Systema and understand Systema - it's different thing. I claim I understood it...
    (Maksimtsov Alexander)
  • Over time, you understand that "cool" - it's not a club every weekend, not degrees in your glass ... but healthy complexion, deep sleep and dear people with you.
  • If you argue with an idiot, probably the same thing and he does.
  • The possibilities of medicine are endless! Limited capabilities of patients...
  • Your face in the twenty years is given to you by nature, how it will be in fifty, depends from you.
  • Never, Never argue with fools! Otherwise, you will descend to their level, and there they will crush you by his experience!