The program of 5th level ( Upper-Intermediate). Professional level.

5th  level of education  SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov.
1. The main law of life. The application of this law to improve the quality of  your own life and the lives of those around you.
2. Stages and effective ways of psychological preparation of the highest level.
3. The basic principles of striking techniques.
The control of anything available objects. 
 4.Work with log or crowbar - not less than 8 elements combined in one movement.
5. Juggling two balls with one hand; not less than 15 times for each hand; with changing arm each 5 times without stop; 5+5 (3 times).
6. Juggling three  knifes; not less than 15 times.
7. Kicking a soccer ball with leg; with changing leg  each 2 times without stop; total 20 times.
The control of environment. Special acrobatics.
8. Roll forward with stick.
9. Roll forward with stick  between  your legs with next side roll on the stomach; opponent is  behind  your back.
10. Roll back with stick.
11. Fall side with stick.
12. Fall forward with stick.
13. Special acrobatics with a stick in three levels; not less than 10 elements; two sides.


The control  of   opponent.
14. Show work with wrist joints.
15.Defense with a stick  against any strikes with a  stick.
16. Protection against any strikes with using of  keys, pen, telephone.
17. Protection against any grabs with using keys, pens, phone.
18.  Protection against any attacks  in a lying position.
All work with partners must be completed by keeping the enemy in a position on the stomach (neutralization position).
19. Conditional sparring with two opponents attacking with  knifes; to show the skills of tactically orderly moving and  with the logic end.
Applied skills.
20. Overcoming of a fence; height 1,5 meters; time – 30 seconds; not less than 8 times.
21. Knife-throwing  (5 times with  each arm);  target (0,4*0,4metres); distance - 4 meters;   not less than 5  direct hits.

All  work of the 5th level is performed at a speed of not more than 50% of the actual combat speed.
       One of the main conception of  SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov is the effectiveness of  all actions. That is  all actions must do  with a minimum expenses of time, force, energy   to achieve the desired result.
    Proceeding from this, if the participant of exam fulfills all the requirements of this program without gross errors that is maximum effectively, then the exam ends here.

    Otherwise, if the participant made gross errors he has the opportunity of rehabilitation. He should show his good physical training and continue the exam for next program (look down).

Special universal exercises of SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov  (5th level) for development of the  explosive force, dexterity and endurance.
22. Side falls with stick  and  movement “bicycle”; not less than 20  times per one minute.
23. Forward falls with stick; not less than 20 times per one minute.
24. Forward rolls  with stick and roll on the stomach; not less 15 times per one minute.
25.  Move your own body; method  "Crocodile" with stick;  2 directions; distance (10 + 10) meters.