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The program of 4th level ( Intermediate). Professional level.


The theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to acquire the rank "MASTER" of 4th  level in education of SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov.


1.  Creating a project of your own life. The control of own life. 
2. General organizational  and  methodical features of teaching of Systema Maksimtsov. Principles of teaching.
3. Base  principles of the effective walking gait.
4. The principles of Fight Multiple armed attackers.                 

          The control of own body:
1. Basic movement "loop" with balls. Two directions and changing direction without stop.
2. Base movement "figure eight" with leg behind. Two directions and changing direction without stop.
3. Combine all elements "figure eight" and "loop"   in one continuous movement; arms and legs simulteneosly; with knifes.

The control of anything available objects. 

1. Stick - not less than 10 elements for each hand join in one movement.
2. Tennis balls (two) - juggle by two balls with one hand; not less than 10 times for each hand.

The control of environment. 
Special acrobatics:

1. Special acrobatics with a pistol in three levels; not less than 10 elements. Two sides.

 The control  of   opponent:

1. Shock technics. Wave technique. The pendulum technique.
2. Releases from a hold of a "Full Nelson".
3. Defense with a stick  against any strikes of a knife or stick.
4. Defense against any possible strikes with a chair or  a stool.
All work with a partners must be finished by holding of the opponent in the position on the stomach (neutralization position).


1. Conditional sparring with two opponents attacking with sticks; to show the skills of tactically orderly moving and  with the logic end.

Applied skills:

Transportation of injured person – 3 variations.

     When you show the control of the body of opponent you should achieve next result; the holding of the opponent in position on the stomach; (the  position of full control of opponent).    
The speed of actions ( control of one's own body, the environment, opponents)  at the 4th level is no more than 40% of the real combat speed.
    One of the main conception of Maksimtsov's Systema is the effectiveness of  all actions. That is  all actions must do  with a minimum expenses of time, force, energy and  to achieve the desired result.
Proceeding from this, if the participent of exam fulfills all the requirements of this program without gross errors, that is maximum effectively, then the exam ends here.
              Otherwise, the  participent has the opportunity of rehabilitation. He should show his good physical training and continue the exam for next program (look down).

Special exercises for development of explosive force,  speed, dexterity, endurance.

1. "Kazachok" with U-turn alternately; not less than 20 times per one minute.
2. Forward falls ( with pistol)  with U-turn; not less than 20 times per one minute.
3. Forward rolls ( with pistol) with U-turn; not less than 25 times per one minute.