The program of 2nd level ( Upper-Elementary). Basic level.


The theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to acquire the rank "expert" of 2nd level in  education of SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov.


  1. Principles of the  First Aid.
  2. Base principles of the taking off balance of opponent.
  3. Danger and risk in human everyday personal and social activity.


The control of own body:

  1. Base movement "figure  eight". Two directions of movement   "figure  eight" concerning vertical and horizontal axis with arms  and leg simultaneously. 
  2. Triple strikes with  arms.
The control of environment. 
Special acrobatics:
  1. Side rolls:
    • low  strikes  with  legs; (bicycle).
    • high strikes with  legs; (helicopter)
  2. The strikes from the squatting position; (monkey step).
  3. All acrobatic elements from 1st and 2nd  levels join in one combination in any sequence. Totally 11 elements.

 The control  of   opponent:

  1. Show  taking off balance of an opponent from different positions.
  2. Release from grabs with to hands on one arm;
    • Painful method to a wrist.
    • Painful method to an elbow.
    • Painful method to a  shoulder.
  3. Grabs hair; the release from  grabs  hair.
  4. Grabs ears; the release from  grabs ears.
  5. Strikes top-down with hand,  knife,  stick; Defense from these strikes,
  6. Defense from triple strikes with  arms.
  7. Turning of the opponent from the position safe  or on the back, in the  position on a stomach (the  position of full control of opponent );  2 variants;
    • with the subsequent holding in the position on the stomach;
    • with the subsequent convoying.        
  8.  The threat of violence from behind with knife, pistol;
    You should take away a weapon  from opponent and holding him  in position on the stomach.

      When you show the control of the body of opponent you should achieve next result; the holding of the opponent in position on the stomach; (the  position of full control of opponent).
      The speed of actions ( control of one's own body, the environment, opponents)  at the 2nd level is no more than 20% of the real combat speed.

    One of the main conception of Maksimtsov's Systema is the effectiveness of  all actions. That is  all actions must do  with a minimum expenses of time, force, energy and  to achieve the desired result.
Proceeding from this, if the participent of exam fulfills all the requirements of this program without gross errors, that is maximum effectively, then the exam ends here.
       Otherwise, the  participent has the opportunity of rehabilitation. He should show his good physical training and continue the exam for next program (look down).


Special exercises for development of the  explosive force,  speed, dexterity and endurance:

  1. Side falls alternately (left right side); not less than 20 times per one minute.
  2. Forward rolls; not less than 20 times per one minute.
  3. Forward falls alternately with U-turn; not less than 15 times per one minute.
  4. "Crocodile" - 10 meters.
  5. "Frog" - 10 meters.
  6. "Kazachok" - 10 meters.