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1. Systema RMA for every person and everyday life.
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         Sooner or later each person asks himself the very important question: "Where should one invest his precious resources (his time, energy, force, finances) with the greatest benefit?"
And of course the most sensible answer: "In yourself "! 

       While you are alive - you are the main source of everything that you  can achieve. Everything else can be lost at any time. But your knowledge, understanding and your skills are always with you.

Here you can see reviews about the online education of  Systema Colonel Maksimtsov

1. Steve Maxwell  ( 1952), is an American fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. Maxwell was named one of the top 100 trainers in the United States by Men's Journal.      
      Feedback of Steve

2.  Elie Fayad (48 years old),   is the most sought-after acupuncturist in France. He has his own school of acupuncture in Nice.   

               Feedback of Elie

3. Review of a veteran from Australia Mile Henderson  (53 years old) about the online education Systema colonel Maksimtsov
          Feedback of Mile

4.  Feedback of Mickey Bender (28 yeard old), guitar player from Netherlands about online education of Systema Colonel Maksimtsov.
          Feedback of Mickey 

5. Thor Mucke from New Zealand spoke about his experience in online education  Systema Colonel Maksimtsov.
         Feedback of Thor 

 6. Miguel Enriques from Spain (40 years old),  computer engineer. 
       Feedback of Miguel

How does it work?

You read the training program attentively.  For example You decide to start  with the elementary 1st level.
See  here:
These is  basic knowledge and skills of the most efficient human movements in Every Day Life, in Combat  situations and in general of human Survival.​
You will receive  full material for each topic. You look through it, analyze it and  at the end of each topic there are control questions (homework).  These questions are very interesting and useful for everyday life.

Alexander Maksimtsov will give you detailed feedback. It will be done  until you fully master this knowledge, understanding  and  skills. 
    At the same time you will be sent special  video material with the unique methodic for preparing your body and mind.
Next step: you will  send me your video. It can be done in any accessible way. To date a lot of options. The simplest is through WhatsApp. 
If you need help in this matter, I will give clear  instruction  how to do it
 I will watch your video and once again give you feedback.
 We will bring your movements to perfection. You really start to enjoy your movements and your healthy body.
    Thus you have the unique opportunity to study self-defence system  in the comfort of your house, your  apartment or  your workplace.
    When you will know, understand  and use the biomechanical  principles of control your  body, 
after  you will have great ability  to control    bodies of your opponents.

 For more information about the biomechanics of human movement here:

    Any questions can be directed to Alexander  Maksimtsov via email or social media as listed below.
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Order the lessons you can write  to this e-mail
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  President of Federation Russian Martial Art  Alexander  Maksimtsov offers  to you  online education of self-defence and health improvement.