The program of 3rd level ( Pre-Intermediate). Basic level


3rd  level of education  SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov.


1. Types of levers and their applications.
2. The principle "three planes".
3. Vulnerable places on the human body.
4. The conception of "weapon". 


The control of own body.
 5.  Combination of movements "Figure eight" with arms and leg simultaneously (2 directions without stopping).
 6. Triple strikes with legs.
 7. Triple strikes with legs and arms simultaneously.
 8. The most effective body movement in space.
The control of environment. Special acrobatics.
9. Forward and backward undercuts.
10. Roll forward (inside).
11. Combination from 14 elements of special acrobatics studied in 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels; in any sequence.
The control  of   opponent. 
12. Demonstrate the principle  "three planes" when you release from grabs and defenses from  strikes.
13. Attack by grabbing the torso from behind without hands. Release from this  grab.
14. Attack by grabbing the torso from behind with hands. Release from this  grab.
15. Effective attack to the legs. Protection against these attacks. 
16. Effective attack  to opponent from behind  and  neutralization  (arrest, search, binding, escorting); "capture of a sentry".
17.  Protection against attack  from behind "capture of a sentry".
18. Work Wrist.
19. Escorting - 4 variations.



All  work of the 3rd level is performed at a speed of not more than 30% of the actual combat speed.

    One of the main conception of  SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov is the effectiveness of  all actions. That is  all actions must do  with a minimum expenses of time, force, energy   to achieve the desired result.
    Proceeding from this, if the participant of exam fulfills all the requirements of this program without gross errors that is maximum effectively, then the exam ends here.

    Otherwise, if the participant made gross errors he has the opportunity of rehabilitation. He should show his good physical training and continue the exam for next program (look down).

Special universal exercises of SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov for development of the  explosive force, dexterity and endurance:

20. Side roll (bicycle); alternately (left - right side); at least 25 times per minute; 
21. Roll forward (inside); alternately through the left-right shoulder; at least 25 times per minute; 
22. Fall forward with U-turn 180 degrees; at least 20 times per minute; 
23. Move your own body; method  "Crocodile";  2 directions; distance (10 + 10) meters.
24. Move your own body; method  "Frog";  2 directions; distance (10 + 10) meters.
25. Move your own body; method  "Kazachok"; 2 directions; distance (10 + 10) meters.