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The program of 6th level ( advanced). Professional level.

The theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to acquire the rank "MASTER" of 6th level in  education SYSTEMA  colonel Maksimtsov.

1. Organization of an effective thinking process. The relationship of physical and psychological application of the principles of Systema Colonel Maksimtsov.
2. Principles of health. Maintain excellent health throughout life and restore it, if necessary.
3. Definition  your own life mission.


The control of anything available objects:

1. Work with two stick simultaneosly;   8 elements combined in one movement.
2. Juggling  with  four tennis balls; not less than 15 times.
3. Juggling  with  three knifes; two variants;  not less  than 15 times for each variant.

The control of environment. 
Special acrobatics:

1. Special low acrobatics when your  hands tied or handcuffed in front; not less than 12 elements.

The control  of   opponent:

1. Defence against  any grabs with the help of a belt, a rope, elements of clothes.
2. Defence against  any strikes with the help of a belt, a rope, elements of clothes.
3. Defence  against  any attacks when your  hands tied or handcuffed in front.
4. You are in  lying position. Defence  against  any attacks when your  hands tied or handcuffed in front.
All work with a partners must be finished by holding of the opponent in the position on the stomach (neutralization position).


1. Conditional sparring with three opponents attacking in limited space (lift, porch, car); to show skills of tactically orderly moving and going away from a line of any attacks,  releases from any grabs with  the logic end.



Applied skills:

1. Overcoming of a fence; height 2  meters.
Time – 30 seconds; not less than 8 times.
2. Throwing of a knife (5 times with  each arm); starting position is  your back to the  target;
the target is (0,4*0,4 metres); distance - 4 meters;   not less than 5  direct hits.

Special exercises for development of explosive force, dexterity, endurance:

1. Walking in a position "bridge";  6 directions of movement; distance  2 meters in each direction.
2. Forward roll (with stick) with U-turn;  25 times per one minute.