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Canary Islands



Welcome to the largest of the Canary Islands, where Spring never ends and where you can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

           We will guide you on this exciting journey, describing the most interesting places to visit, the activities, restaurants and amenities carefully selected to help you plan a memorable holiday on the Island where Spring never ends.
         We have idyllic beaches where you can rest peacefully, or enjoy your favourite holiday sports such as windsurfing, paragliding, scuba diving and fishing.
        You can experience the boat excursions to see the Dolphins and Whales which choose to inhabit within the waters of this beautiful island.
       Go on exciting walks to discover natural landscapes that are unique in the world, such as the,Pico del Teide, the highest volcano in Europe, or experience the spectacular mountain scenery of Masca, a famous village found between two ravines.
       You can explore the rich cultural heritage of the Island by visiting its traditional villages and museums displaying their artistic artefacts and natural specimens. Savour the traditional flavours and modern recipes in the many restaurants, bars and local cafés that the Island has to offer.
     You are guaranteed to have great fun discovering the most unusual and sensual aspects of Tenerife with its endless traditional festivals and most famous, Carnival of Santa Cruz.

Every day in the morning from 8.00 to 10.00 and in the evening  from 17.00 to 19.00  In the cozy town Los Gigantes on the shore of the warm ocean,  in  the mountains or near the pool (according to your desire and your  level of preparation)
Alexander Maksimtsov conducts trainings for  health improvement and  Systema selfdefence Russian Martial Art.
 Typically, these classes are "magic kick" for insight and achieve your  goals.

Communicating and improving ourselves in a circle of like-minded people from all over the world. We are moving in the shortest way to your dreams.
Welcome to our circle.

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You can be with or without experience of Russian Martial Art ( Maksimtsov  selfdefence System, Kadochnikov System, Vasilev System or  any others martial art) but you can   take a part in our course.
The event is to be based in our main training places in Los Gigantes  Tenerife Canary Islands Spain and in Kiev Ukraine.
 You should expect intensive training, of about four to five hours a day , and more, in our regular place environment together with other topics as: water and night trainings, urban self-defense, outdoor training and more:

The course will cover many subjects from the system, including: defending armed assaults; fighting skills; training and experiencing Russian Martial Art in different locations, environments and places; and more. We also include special travel and training  in the mountains, in the forest, in the caves. 
Trainings are conducted with high expert levels from Spetsnaz Police.
Of cource training will be adequate to the levels of the participants.

Questions regarding the event, registration, and other details should be directed to

More Details

  • T&T(travel /training) will take into consideration the level of the individuals who participate. Training will be for 2-6 hours each day. T&T will be from 1 to 60 days. 
  • Travel  and trainings in mountains:
  • 1. Canary Islands:
  • Tenerife
  • La Palma
  • El Hierro
  • Fuerteventura
  • Gran Canaria
  • La Gomera
  • Lanzarote
  • 2.  Crimea and Carpathians mountains  in Ukraine, and also in Ivano-Frankivs'k, L'viv, Uzhorod and other cities of Western Ukraine.
  • In winter - mountain skiing, snowboarding, sledding, touring and training in mountains of Crimea, Carpathians of Ukraine and in the European Alps.
  • All transportation is in private bus/ minibus (depending on group size)
  • You can order a full service package.
    It includes:
    • Training
    • Touring
    • Hotel or appartment  of good level.
    • Private transportation..
    • There is an option to upgrade your hotel to a higher standard. 
    • Flight to Canary Islands or to  Ukraine and back.
    • Getting to Tenerife: Los Gigantes is about 45 Km. from airport Tenerife Sur and about 95 Km. from airport Tenerife North. There are busses and taxis from the airport to the Los Gigantes. However, we send transportation for one or group of people.
    • Getting to Kiev: Kiev is about 25 Km (15miles) from Borispol Airport. There are busses and Taxis from the airport to the city. However, we send transportation for one or group of people.

Events in Canary Islands take place in Octobre - May (expected temp. 22-27 C)

Events in Ukraine take place in June – September (expected temp. 25-30 C).
The reason for the varied training locations is because the philosophy of Systema Alexander Maksimtsov  Russian Martial Art is to train in different locales, not just the training hall. Training in different locations, environments, and situations is necessary in order to better prepare yourself since you don't know under what circumstances you might have to call upon your  skills.

Likewise, we train techniques while at different levels of preparedness (fully prepared, partially prepared, and totally surprised). This type of training allows you to safely experience adverse circumstances that you might encounter in real life. You improve your performance ability under stressful situations by bettering your decision-making processes, techniques and fighting abilities. You will then be better prepared to solve different problems and conflicts you might encounter, regardless of the situation. 

The participants were from 5 countries (England, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Poland) with varied levels of Systema selfdefence training. Some are Selfdefence   instructors or assistants, some Systema  students, and some had no prior knowledge in Selfdefence. Instruction was suited to each participant's level. Usually one can find also trainees from many other EU countries as well as from the USA, the Far-East, Ex-communist countries, South-Africa and more. Vacation too! In addition to serious training, we saw this event as a vacation, too! There was plenty of free time in order to relax, take in the sunny weather, and experience a different culture.

The feedback from the participants here:.
All very much enjoyed the events, the travel and  training - not to mention the sun & beach! The participants had chances to interact with the local culture, and every day life, and to see and experience some special events in Ukraine that took place in the time of their stay, such as Memorial Day and Independence Day. Upcoming seminar The dates for the next events can be found in our News Lodging options: will include 2-3 different of hotel levels, and we plan more activities to enhance interactions between participants from different countries.

You can arrive at any time of the year.
Write and ask your questions:

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