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Sunday 21 October, at 10.00 - training with a set of exercises to improve and restore vision.

In autumn our eyes begin to experience in addition to the usual huge loads more and lack of natural light. More and more we are forced to spend time in rooms with artificial lighting, the effects - increasing the tension in the eye muscles and the decline in visual acuity.
everyone can help yourself ! There are many techniques, ours is not afraid of the word, is unique and is effective! Proof of this are the comments of our young people into a Maksimtsova Alexander Nikolayevich!
On Sunday, 21 October, during the training will be shown a set of exercises to restore vision, which you then will be able to perform!
We invite everyone to the gym, especially those with certain eye problems!
Trainings are held Maksimtsev Alexander.
Beginning classes at 10.00 Questions and registration call. Irina 067-965-27-67