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Let's try to consider martial arts from the point of view of the usual person

Let's try to consider martial arts from the point of view of the usual person. It receives the information on martial arts basically of two sources: cinema and sports. About cinema I shall tell at once: an overall objective of screen fights - spectacular and showiness (to not confuse to efficiency) and consequently that we see on the screen, is far from a real life. In a life all not so beautifully and effectively.

Combat sports are closer by a life. There all present, instead of perfoкmance, but and restrictions exclude rules from techniques of the fighter traumatic and elements dangerous to a life. Even on so-called " fights without rules " there are many rules. Application of the real "terrible" systems intended for maximum fast deducing out of operation or murder of the person very few people saw. Here all is covered with a secret that gives rise to set of hearings and the legends frequently far from a reality. Here all is covered with a secret that gives rise to set of hearings and the legends frequently far from a reality. The even greater secrets are the knowledge allowing the person to leave for limits of the physical opportunities.

This implies, that the person knows about martial arts not full, and not always true.

For those who have laid down to itself the aim - achievements in sport, all is simple. Any school of martial arts of a sports direction will approach. More difficultly at whom the purpose - self-defense. Many think, that will learn self-defense simply. It is enough to enter the name in any school of martial arts and to resemble a pair - the three of months. Whether so it?

For the beginning it is necessary to choose from two directions: sports and applied. Both variants have "pluses" and "minuses" therefore we shall consider everyone.

Sports. Earlier the basic lack of this direction - exception of dangerous elements of techniques was already mentioned. Nobody wants traumas. Therefore the sportsman will not be ready to "wrong" actions and cannot use them. Also in street I fight there are no protective adaptations, judges and duly medical service. Those who have martial and sports experience knows: the good sportsman goes on a ring without fear, the worse, that can take place with it - will receive a trauma, fight will stop. And if before you the person with a knife or armed with firearms - all absolutely in another way. But! Everything, that the sportsman uses, it uses with peak efficiency. Works in full force. And - in fight it does the main thing precisely too, as on training. It gives it confidence of own actions. And frequently, actions of the good sportsman are so effective, that it "in the street" has enough of it, while the situation is similar on fulfilled in a gymnasium.

Applied direction. If the person will come in such school, to it will tell, that for "street" it just right. Really, the techniques has no restrictions, every possible ways of influence are considered, there are no rules. But! Nobody wants traumas. It is impossible to work on training as in fight, to break hands and to beat out eyes. It is necessary to work slowly or to model. Therefore many received skills cannot be checked up before occurrence of a martial situation, and it is confidence of fight will not add.

There is all very uneasy and there are objective problems. And still. Many martial arts originate in the remote past or are descendants of ancient martial systems. Then, as they say, time was another. Both mentality and problems, and values. Earlier was a great honor to die " for a just cause ". Now such prospect a little whom will please. In days of old in often wars the main task was - to kill more than the enemies, defying by danger was considered as courage. All techniques - destructions of the opponent. Protection - was considered as cowardice. In attack in full growth...

Whether it is justified today? Presently to kill it is unprofitable. Justice can and not understands, that you "only were protected" and it is necessary to ring out for a lattice for long years. Whether reasonably to kill the neighbour or comrade, which in the tipsy a condition too violent?

Value of a life has repeatedly grown, priorities have changed and martial art should correspond to today's requirements.

Let's consider real conditions and problems for modern martial art, which purpose - a survival and the decision of the certain problems in conditions of a daily life.

First, it not sports. There are no weight categories. The quantity and "quality" of opponents is not limited. The fighting situation can arise any minute and skill correctly to estimate conditions very important. And the most important. Our problem to not define who is stronger, to not win, and to remain alive and safe and thus to keep clearness of thinking.

Second. Force, speed and endurance, so esteemed in sports and having crucial importance, "in the street" concepts relative. Illness, weariness, the weather conditions, inconvenient clothes, etc. can influence these parameters essentially. But the techniques should work in any conditions. So remains?

  • Weight of a body.
  • Laws of physics and mechanics. The human body is a mechanical design too, also submits to the same laws (a gravity, inertia...)

And And it yet all. The person it is limited it is dangerous, limited it is protected, limited it is strong and limited it is steady. Anyone. Irrespective of force and weight. It is possible to prove it easily with the help of the same laws of physics and mechanics: striking a hand in a head, it is dangerous at present only in a point of probable hit. If I will not be in this point - I mean outside of danger. Making aggression, should offer protection, distracting attention and forces on impact or capture. At the moment of real impact it can beat only as he is influenced with forces of inertia and gravitation. The person can "work as force" only having a support, and the design of a human body has different power opportunities in different directions and points of the appendix. The design of a body has the limited area of the support, two steady and two unstable directions. All this needs to be used. In due time, bypassing strengths and influencing on weak.

One more law. To avoid power opposition, it is necessary to know, that with the person it is possible to make any actions (impact, a throw...) only when it does not supervise a situation. In sports it is solved the superiority in force, speed, endurance and tactics (unpredictability). If power opposition to us is not favourable, from the set forth above ways last will approach only.

When there are no interdictions and restrictions it is possible to calculate such additional conditions of loss of the control:

    a) loss of visual perception
    b) a pain and fear
    c) psychological instability
    d) physical instability
    e) the moment of attack.

The design of a human body has many weak spots for which defeat it is not necessary a lot of force (eyes, a throat, a groin...). What for then in fighting systems very strong and fast impacts are turned out? What for to break bricks and boards? All right - legs, and a head?

All is simple - anybody will not allow injuring itself with impunity. Also it turns out: my actions resist to actions of the opponent and on the contrary. And if opposition is not present?

Taking into account all aforesaid, we shall make the list of requirements to fighting art and a technique of preparation:

  • Readiness for a fighting situation at any moment.
    Psychological readiness.
  • Universality of techniques, simplicity.
    Development of complex system will borrow a lot of time, and the fighting situation can already arise tomorrow.
  • Эффективность в любой ситуации, в любых условиях.
  • Действия на тренировке должны максимально соответствовать боевой ситуации, но без ущерба для здоровья (можно, конечно, постоянно проводить реальные бои в полный контакт, но при этом потерять здоровье раньше, чем научиться его защищать).

Features of techniques and a technique of preparation of Russian Martial Art

Readiness. First of all it is necessary to get rid of rigidity and it will learn to be entered. All techniques on it is constructed and as all submits to the same laws to be entered it is possible not only in the aggressive opponent, but also in a developed situation, and in a more comprehensive sense - and during a real today's life.

Psychological readiness for fight is not less important, than physical. A lot of attention is given this.

First. The opponent is perceived not as the person, and as a mechanical design (in this case his threats do not press on mentality).

Impact is an influence of the certain force on the certain vector with the certain speed. A fighting situation only the mechanism of a complex design.

Second. A basis of techniques - unresistance. Has no value as far as the opponent because nobody is going to resist to it is strong. Me do not disturb, whether I can sustain impact. I do not resist. That fact should disturb the sane person, that real fight is very dangerously, any missed impact can become the last. Therefore the primary goal - maximum to secure this process. For this purpose protection is put on the first place. It is much more important to survive, than to win.

Any influence is not perceived directly, and passed, smoothes out, will be amortized.

Third. The fear before a real fighting situation arises that its outcome cannot be foreseen. And the person is afraid of what does not know. Means, it is necessary to make a fighting situation the phenomenon as more as possible familiar and habitual, to be ready to the worst variants therefore as desperate situations in general should not be. What occurs at worst? You will beat. One or several opponents, with the weapon or without. If to make it the habitual phenomenon and to learn to survive in such situation - fear recedes.

And still it is not necessary to forget, that hand-to-hand fight is the latest argument when the others are already exhausted.

Universality of techniques much more simplifies preparation and liberates in fight. For example. The techniques of clearing of captures and protection against impacts are based on the same principles. The same action can be protection and counterattack. All elements have the general basis, therefore, studying, we admit, special acrobatics, the techniques of protection and on the contrary is improved. The techniques does not depend on that, the opponent is armed or not armed. She should not depend on that at all, what opponent as it costs as moves. Because variants great variety. And if in sports more or less you know that to expect from the opponent, it is possible to lead investigation, to define his strong and weaknesses "in the street" on it there is no either time, or an opportunity.

Besides all movements are natural and maximum simple, and on their development it is required to a few time.

As already it was mentioned earlier: there should not be desperate situations, therefore the techniques adapts for any conditions. A basis of bases of techniques - absence of a static support. It allows to feel confidently itself and on a slippery surface, and in complex conditions of the limited space. And the techniques of "a sticky body" are effective at the limited visibility, etc.

And still. How many it is necessary to train to the fragile girl to win the man with constitution and preparation M. of Tyler.

What the usual person having family, earning on its maintenance can oppose, to the professional sportsman who day trains and carries out on some fights in day? Whether has sense to compete with it in force, in speed and endurance? Operating on his rules, you don't leave to yourselves uniform chance. Weaker can't win stronger as the purpose of sports - to define whom more strongly sports, and all on it's constructed. In "a street variant" stronger attack basically and it's necessary to be able to keep a life in such fight. But our problem not to win, but to survive. For this purpose all means are good. To stand in such fight it's possible only operating in time as any fighter it is limited it is strong, fast, and steady.

"In time" it is impossible to count and analyze. It is impossible to tell, that it is necessary to work, we admit, during impact, or at different levels, or.... to beat or throw..., etc. It first it's sensation of the moment. You should be unpredictable even for yourself.

As all movements should be realized during training slow work has great value. The situation varies instantly, and only the realized movement can be changed in any phase, to redirect or to not finish with logic end.

Each real martial art should enable the fighter constantly to check the knowledge. For the boxer are competitions. The sportsman trains, acts at competitions, draws conclusions and trains further in view of the revealed mistakes. For soldiers, in days of old, wars were the same examination. Having survived, the fighter drew conclusions too.

To be confident the actions it is possible only when fight is a usual phenomenon, often and daily. Habitual business. In the best way the person does that it does daily and constantly. And then it is quiet.

It is impossible to come to a condition of the world and Ueshiba calmness, passing fighting experience as offer at us at Aikido schools. Ueshiba fighted and trained all life, owned many others styles and has come to "a condition of the world" having huge fighting experience. For a basis of techniques it is necessary to take elements that can be checked repeatedly. And "terrible" techniques to use or to not use under own discretion or depending on gravity of a situation.

In conditions of peacetime, if own life and health matter, "terrible" skills cannot be checked up. In special divisions it was done on "dolls", on corpses... We have no such opportunity, and it's inexpedient. The fighter before occurrence of a fighting situation, whose techniques is constructed on elements that can't be fulfilled really, on 100 % will not be confident efficiency of the actions, and it is dangerous. The pupil accepts active creative participation in own training.

Martial ART. It first of all creativity, instead of blind recurrence by someone thought up techniques. Art! The x-copy cannot be art. As a result, everyone creates the style, having reached skill.

I shall once again be repeated - hand-to-hand fight is very dangerously. The process can't be harmless, if its basic purpose - to do much harm, injure, cripple or kill, with the help of physical influence. But nevertheless, you want to be able to protect yourselves and native. Skill it can be useful to everyone, because life - an artful piece and though it seems such measured and quiet, sometimes presents very unpleasant surprises. And during such moments (there are many examples) the person reflects: "And why I have managed nothing, why have learned nothing?!" There is such east wisdom: "If the sword can be useful once in a life, it is necessary to carry it always".

Means, fighting art takes place in a daily life. So to do? How correctly to act, taking into account all aforesaid?

We count, that it is necessary to study fighting art SAFELY for health and, that very important is should not be reflected in quality of the received knowledge. The main task - it is safe to receive real fighting experience. And it is possible...