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Canary Islands

Canary Islands
  Tenerife Welcome to the largest of the Canary Islands, where Spring never ends and where you can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. more...
If we do not control (manage)  our  reality, then reality drives us.
Systema Maksimtsov is  a movement   in reality.       Now for a while you are reading this text -  stop for a moment. Look around with your bright eyes and say to yourself.At this  moment I am  not sleeping! I am aware  where I am! What I am going on? What I'm doing and why? Did you feel  like a refreshing dip perception of your  reality? If you are awake and in control of your perception and attitude - you control (operate)  your reality.  But if  you lose awareness as others  begins to control you.And  your simple everyday conscious movements will give you the ability to control and manage your reality. To be continued... more...