What does it mean to invest in yourself?

Someone invests to new business, someone - to implant new teeth, someone changes the shape of the nose or does plastic surgery, and someone gets new education.
And at first glance it's effective. But if you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that all of these things are  secondary.
At the first place, always and everywhere for a person was, is and will be  the skill or art of survival in any situation.
In second place is own Health​.
And in third place is one very important physical quality of a person.
And this is not force and power!
And not endurance!
And not high-speed qualities!
And not even flexibility!
A person  develops it when he starts to play sports. But every sane person understands that any sport is an artificial situation, which is very far from real life.
In everyday life there will not be your coach next to you all the time, there will not be the doctor ready to give you instant first aid. We will not be in a light warm sports hall (gym) with a soft mats or with a special coating on the treadmill. There will be no special  protective equipment, special clothes and shoes, and many other things what  athletes useally use in them activity.
  And that's why if you are engaged in any sport with the hope that it will help you survive in an extreme situation, then you are in an illusion.
  Sport  is primarily a show, competition for certain honest rules. But where did you see honest rules in real life?
  And in order to be able to win in real life, you need a quality that is called... 
Yes. You correctly guessed!
This is Agility. In Russian it is called "Ловкость".
And this is exactly the quality that every person needs to develop.
This quality appears and like physical, and like  psychological.

   So if you really want to invest your resources in yourself, invest in your ability to SURVIVE, into your HEALTH and the development of your Agility.
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