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What should the width of the feet be at the most effective standing position?

Fragment from the correspondence of online education:

Here it is necessary to clearly understand that we are not striving for a rigid position (rigid structure) of our body , and even more so, fixed support (balance).
Our task is always to be on the move. And it is natural that the position of "feet on the width of the shoulders" is better than, the position of "feet together."
But if the legs are wider than the shoulders, it is more difficult for a person to "explode" in order to do the fastest movement possible. For example, leave the line of attack or for attack.
An experienced master or an employee of a special service can, according to the movement of a person, determine an excellent and correspondingly dangerous fighter (opponent).
So sometimes it is necessary "to play the role of a clumsy and person who bad manages his body." In this case, you must create visibility, and vice versa, specifically violate all the principles of motion, but at the same time use them.
For this we use the "internal pendulum".
And also, so as not to attract the attention of other people. After all, if you use an "external pendulum", then you will be different from all people when you are closely watched. Because almost all people are immobile, they "freeze". And as a rule, in unnatural positions. They are not ready to "explode".

If something is not clear please ask me.
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The master is not the one who runs fast, but one who runs out early.

What does mean the phrase : "Do every day what you like to do?"

These is very important psychological topic.

Doing what you want does not mean doing something at times.
This means that one of the most important task (mission) in life is to find your own business (predestination) and do it all your life.
 It includes:
1. You like to do it.
2. You can do this always, even when you are sick, tired and have no energy.
3. After you do this, you feel increase of  energy in your body.
4. You can earn with this business (predestination) and you can do it (for exemple to  help to achieve something) for others people for free, if you see that this person really wants to achieve it and he has not possibiletes to pay. Because you really love to do it.
5. You see and  understand that when you do this business, you improve the quality of your life. You become healthier, more cheerful, you acquire useful knowledge, understanding and skills.
6. Subsequently, when you already have certain knowledge, understanding and skills in a certain area (for example Systema Maksimtsov, or restore of your health,  or something else what you can do perfectly) you can share this with your loved ones (family, children, friends, colleagues, etc.). And you do it with pleasure.
The phrase: " Do every day  what you like to do" does not mean that you should do things that contradict the above six points. Look above.
Such as to drink a lot of  alcohol,  use drugs, spend whole days playing computer games, etc.
What will happen to these people? We can see and understand this perfectly.
Once again, I want to emphasize that if shooting matches all 6 parameters (see above), then of course you should continue to attend the shooting range. And not once a week, but at least 3 times a week.
And to achieve any positive results, you must train in a shooting place  seven times a week. And this will tell you any professional of shooting. If he tells you that if you will  shoot once a week and you  will shoot perfectly, he just deceives you.
At the conclusion of this topic, it is very difficult for a person to realize himself to be happy, if he does not live according to his mission (predestination).
Probably it sounds very pompous (grandiloquently), but as they say in one famous Russian proverb: "We can not throw away words from a song".
It remains to add that  Maksimtsov's Systema and Systema generally is not the goal. Systema is  only the means to find this  mission and achive something what you want in life.
 Starting to control your own body, mind, surrounding objects, environment, surrounding people with mandatory positive interaction, we find our predestination and manage our life.
And I understand you well.
It's really hard for you now to concentrate for  doing your homework. And this is normal.
Because Your body wants one.  But useally Your mind wants another.
And you try to connect them. Because it's impossible to really perform a homework perfectly, if you can not connect them.
This is one of the intermediate global tasks, to connect your body and your mind.
But if you can still go through the 1st level you will see how you really will come to a new level of self-awareness and control it.
Indeed, level 1st is the most difficult for every person.
It  is basic and he sets a new level of thinking and a new level of action.
Every next level is much easier. When there is a solid base (foundation), then you can build any structure.
If something is not clear please ask me.
Alexander Maksimtsov

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The way will be mastered by the going.

What is big goal when you achieve for shooting?

Fragment from the feedback of online education about our resources.

Now you wrote the most common misconception of modern people. You're training to shoot and you do not clearly understand why you need it.
But you are wasting (lost) your life resources, especially the time that will never come back. And if a young man does so, it is normal and justified.
The young man has no life experience, and he thinks that his time is not limited and he can lost it anywhere. He is engaged in various nonsense, and very often he destroit his body and mind.
And when life's problems arise, especially with health and safety, a person begins to think about and look for ways to restore health and, if possible, to protect their lives.
You wrote me that you do not have enough time and energy to do your homework, but at that time you lost it for what?

What is big goal when you achive for shooting? Ask yourself: "Why am I doing this?"
If you find a clear answer that shooting will improve your life, your health, your worldview or improve the life of your family, that's fine. You should continue to do it. If not, then why will you do it?
We must clearly understand that our time and energy are limited. And the older you are, the more serious you should think about it.
I'm sorry if I'm touching something with your inner feelings and your "I".
But this is my work.
If I keep stroking and saying that you are the best and that you are doing everything right, I will deceive both you and myself.
This will be another illusion and deception.
I hope that you understand me what I'm talking about.
Remember please 3 Laws of survival. 
You studed it not only for quality assessment of your knowledge, but for use it in every day life.
If something is not clear please ask me.

I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.
Alexander Maksimtsov
In any of us, the genius is asleep. And every day more and more strongly.

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Показать перевод

What kind of weapons to buy for self-defense?

I would like to write for you a few my observations of a man who had weapons all his life. 
Since I was 18, I left to serve in the army and before entering the police pension and for many years my gun was always with me. 
And it was always a big problem. After several years of service, I did not want to have a weapon and always carry it with me.
 But I must do it for my service.
For 25 years of service, I had many opportunities to apply it in the legal field (lawfully), but I never used it against a person. 
Because I understood that any application entails negative consequences and  in the service, and in relations with relatives of the wounded or killed, and the killer's own feelings.

I can list a lot of all the possible inconveniences and risks that are created by the desire to have a weapon and use it.
1. Always  to hide it from other people and especially from your family.
 If your child accidentally finds your gun and decides to play with it while you are dining, then can happen a great misfortune. 
Look 1st law of survival.
2.  You must always hide your gun at home in a special safe and of course at the necessary moment,
 you will not find the keys to the safe or you will  forget the cipher.
3.You have problems when you go into the airport,some  restaurants, pool, bath, on the beach, etc.
4. You must periodically clean, lubricate your weapon.
5. You must pay a special license for the storage of weapons and undergo a medical examination.
6. You must visite to the shooting gallery and shoot 2-3 times in week. And it's not enough to be able to use weapons professionally, you have to do it every day for several hours.
 And this is a great illusion that in a real combat situation you will shoot precisely from such a position of the body, like in shooting place.
You will be in such clothes like in shooting place, you will aim long time like in shooting place. 
And you should remember that your opponent  will shoot to you in  this time...

Therefore, when  I am asked my students what kind of weapons to buy for self-defense, there may be a gas pistol or a gun with rubber bullets, or a knife, or a gas cylinder, or an electric shock, etc?
I always answer - nothing. For several reasons.
1. If a person decides to entrust his fate, health and life to a piece of inanimate metal, then he puts himself below this metal, which has no intelligence. And when a person lost  his time, energy, force and finances in order to learn how to shoot, I really pity his resources (time, energy, force and finances) and his misunderstanding.
The ability to shoot perfect  into people takes place only in two cases.
1.1. You are a professional soldier and you earn a living by this.
1.2. You are a professional killer.
More than 99,9% of cases in life  this skill you are not useful.
If you expect (think) that in some extreme situation you can protect yourself, then this is a delusion (great Illusion).
1. As a rule, at the right time the weapon will not be with you.
1.1. You will forget it.
1.2. You can not get it from the holster, pocket or other place.
1.3. If you get it, you forget to remove it from the protective device.
1.4. If you remove even from the protective device, your hands will be very stressed, and you can not do a good shot (for example, knock the hat off your opponent's head and scare him).
1.5. However, in this stressful situation, you must think about not getting into other people who may be in the field of your shooting.
 And it can be your family, friends, colleagues, etc.
1.6. Once you have pulled your weapon, at this point your opponent has every right to shoot you for defeat. And he will do it because of fear and as a rule, he will shoot the body and head, where the most dangerous for life. Because to aim and professionally shoot in the hand or foot, can only a professional shooter who has a lot of experience to shoot a living persons.
My question to you. Do you know many people who have such experience?
Ask your instructor how many people he killed? And how many people he wounded? 
And how many times he only knocked off  hat of his opponent and scared the enemy?

Thus, based on the above information and my rich experience of  communication with weapons, I recommend to all my students use their own resources (time, energy, force, finances)  for to develop their own body and mind; 

And then you  never  go into  a situation where you will need to shoot another persons.
But  if all the same  you will  not foresee and you will have  not avoid such a situation, 
you can find the most effective way to solve the way out of a dangerous situation.
Of course, provided that if you will develop yourself in this direction, think about it and to act accordingly.

I apologize if may be,  I touched of your deep feelings.
In the end it's your choice where to invest your resources and what result you want to get.
And your choice is the most right for you.

                                         Alexander Maksimtsov

How much time is needed to prepare for the 1st level?

Option 1.  Seminars.
Seminar  for 1 week;  5-6 hours per day.

Option 2. Classes.
When you visit classes  3 times a week for 2 hours each lesson. 
Usually  it takes 3-4 months.

Option 3. Online  education.
It is depend from the student. How quickly he  performs homework and sends it to the teacher, so just quickly  get  the new lesson.
25 lessons and the level is passed.
More info about Online  education here:
  (Assuming that you have  average coordination of movements).

More info you can ask with e-mail:

Is there a program of growth and improve from beginner level to the level of instructor and more to the professional level of Systema selfdefence Alexander Maksimtsov?

In the process of training and learning systems Russian martial art is very important principle of continuous development and the achievement of specific knowledge, understanding and skills. Therefore, we invite all those  who interested  to achive and  to test  his level of Russian Martial Art   in practice. For this you can   pass tests  for any level from 1 to 6.
More info look here: